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AGU 1.8T-engined 200bhp 1979 Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet Mk1

US Navy man, Rafael ‘Ralphie’ Cabrera Jr. is used to directing military aircraft in his role as a Chief Air Traffic Controller. It makes sense that his Mk1 Cabriolet is both ready for inspection and, with 1.8T power, a flying machine…

Resto-modded 1978 Volkswagen Derby LS Mk1 - rare splits, reworked interior & twin carbs

Taking on an ultra-rare, water-cooled VW as a project can soon turn into a tricky task as Steve Holden found out with this stunning 1978 Mk1 Derby.

1.8T 20v AGU-engined 330bhp 1983 Volkswagen Golf Driver Mk1

By day Jake Nelson works on military vehicles. It makes sense that his Berg-kitted 330bhp 1.8T powered Mk1 looks as hard as nails. You’d be brave to wage war against this one…

1.8 20v turbo VF22 1976 Volkswagen Golf N Mk1

Serial Mk1 modifier, Stuart Shellard is back with a bang for his sixth PVW feature. With 1.8T power, Harris trim, air and those gorgeous E30 splits, he’s got the ingredients right once again but haven’t we seen this car somewhere before?

281bhp 1.8 20v turbo BAM engined 1983 Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk1

When Youtube star, Dan Chambers, realised his recently purchased Mk1 Golf GTI Campaign wasn’t going to be the quick fix he had hoped for, he embarked on a full nut and bolt restoration with a 20v turbo twist!

1983 Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk1 with Optional VDO gauges

Here at PVW Towers, we are frequently asked what it takes to make a feature car. There are no hard and fast rules to this. This Gorgeous Mk1 GTI with a select few period mods is proof that sometimes less is more…

1980 Volkswagen Jetta Mk1 gets 250bhp R32 transplant

Blending classic performance styling with modern muscle, JP van der Horst’s Jetta is a home-brew hot rod with the details to match the best in the business

Timeless bagged 180bhp 1.8T 20v AMK S3 engined Volkswagen Golf Mk1

When accomplished fabricator and sprayer, Dan Sycamore of Sycworx fame turned his attention to his own Golf, we knew it would be special but this is next level. It just bagged ‘Best Mk1’ at Edition 38. Praise indeed…

300bhp 1.8 20v AWP engined Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet Mk1

Small cabriolets often get tarnished with the same, lame image, but Brandon Quail’s Berg-Cup kitted 300bhp 1.8T example is far from your regular rag top!

1977 Volkswagen Golf GTi Cabriolet Mk1

The Mk1 Golf Cabriolet can often be had for far smaller sums than the regular hatch, especially when it comes to the GTI. But does it make for a great summer classic, or a floppy-topped folly?

Euro-look Series 1 Volkswagen Golf MK1 runs Polo 1.4 16v

After a brain injury left him in a coma, Mick Matthew’s stunning Mk1 Golf project was nearly his last. Luckily, he’s now back to full health and plans on enjoying his latest and greatest build to the full...

Stunning 1980 Volkswagen Caddy Mk1 1.5 Diesel

Kyle Bush has built this stunning 1980 Volkswagen Caddy MK1 and with a father who was a VW mechanic for 34 years, it was perhaps inevitable that he’d catch the bug…

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