BMW Cargo Bike and E-Scooter Concepts

BMW Cargo Bike and E-Scooter Concepts

BMW has revealed electrified bicycle and e-scooter concepts.

BMW has unveiled two interesting design concepts for city centre travel. The electrified bicycle Concept Dynamic Cargo, and the e-scooter Concept Clever Commute, are both micromobility vehicles designed for future, electric, living.

The Cargo is a compact, three-wheeled, bike concept with variable loading platforms for transporting loads and/or children. The main front frame is connected to the rear via a pivot axle which tilts in corners. The rear section remains stable through corners without tilting towards the road. This combines with an electrified powertrain – activated as soon as the rider starts to pedal – which drives the two rear wheels. The rear wheels also provide the basis for a versatile, pick-up-style transport platform which can be fitted with a selection of modular attachments. There's also the facility for adding a system for weather protection. The Clever Commute e-scooter is designed as an ideal park and ride partner.

It folds up making it ideal for carrying in the car boot (it fits length ways into the 3 Series boot, for example) and for carrying on public transport. It can be rolled along on both wheels, rather like a trolley case. The front wheel features an integral hub motor providing electric power that makes it easier to push the scooter up ramps.

Both micromobility concepts have been designed to offer a range of over 12-miles. Their battery packs can be removed and charged at home. BMW is in discussions with potential licensees to build both concepts.

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