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M54-engined 400bhp Turbo drift BMW 330i Touring E36/3

With its wild wide-arch stance, lurid bodywork and turbocharged M54, this outrageous E36 Touring is a proper drift weapon.

1998 BMW 328i Coupe Sport E36/2

A whole new audience of BMW enthusiasts are turning to the modern classic charms of the E36. Zach Perez and his reworked 328i Sport make it easy to see why.

Ex-BTCC 1992 BMW 318iS Coupe E36/2

Few race cars are quite as loved as Tim Harvey’s 1992 BTCC 318iS E36/2. Today, the car lives on as a period-perfect racer in New Zealand…

1995 Mercedes-Benz E220 Cabriolet A124 vs. 1996 BMW M3 Convertible Evolution E36/2CS

The Mercedes-Benz A124 Cabriolet is one of the classic car world’s most enduring four seaters, but it was expensive when new. How does a similarly priced BMW alternative compare today?

BMW M3 E36, M3 E90 and M3 F80 M3 Saloon trio

Owning one BMW M3 would feel like an achievement, but James Daniel owns three M-badged saloons, each one special, each one modified, and each one awesome in its own right.

2001 BMW Z3 Roadster 2.2 Sport E36/7

The E36/7 Z3 offers bargain summer motoring – we take a look at what BMW’s affordable roadster has to offer through one owner’s eyes.

Wild wide-body S50-swapped BMW M3 E36/2S

The plan for this car was that there was no plan. Sometimes the results are all the sweeter when left in the hands of fate…

1998 BMW 328i Touring SE E36/3

The BMW E36 Touring is growing old gracefully. BMW enthusiast Matt Swanborough has added this 328i to his collection and says those in the market for something similar should act fast.

1996 BMW 320i Super Tourer E36

After it won the 24-Hours of Spa in 1997, this E36 Super Tourer ended up mothballed in a museum in Japan. So, what is it doing at Donington Park? Enter ex-BTCC champion Andrew Jordan

1998 BMW 318i Cabriolet E36/2C

Conceived in the Morning Glory era and ripe for reappraisal, this showroom-condition E36 318i convertible is a near-unbelievable 9,100-mile stunner.

3.2-litre S54 engined BMW M3 Coupé E36/2S

There’s something particularly regal about choosing a Rolls-Royce paint shade for your drift project. And the more we pore over this majestic E36 build, the more it becomes apparent that the Roller philosophy really is more than skin-deep…

2002 BMW Z3 M Coupé Schnitzer E36/8

BMW South Africa cloaked 39 of the last Z3M Coupés in a rather special Schnitzer package. We trace the model’s origins and take one for a spin

2002 BMW Z3 1.9 E36/7

No other car here – not even the MX-5 – sums up the Nineties roadster revival quite like this unmissable Dakar Yellow BMW Z3. The Z3 seemingly picked up where the odd, conceptual disappearing-doored Z1 (1986-1991) left off, but there was much more to it than that.

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