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2023 Cupra Born V3 58kWh

While most new marques take a while to establish themselves, Spanish brand Cupra has hit the ground running. It helps that the name isn’t completely unknown, as it’s been attached to the sportiest SEATs for years. During 2021, Cupra shifted 7,584 cars, the majority being the Formentor SUV, that is unique to the sporty arm, and not having a SEAT badged sister car.

1988 Michelotti Pura - we drive an Alfa 75 Turbo-powered one-off

What would a 1980s sports car have been like with radical carbonfibre construction, Alfa Romeo turbo power and racing push-rod suspension? We drive the one and only Michelotti Puraprototype to find out.

1996 Ford Escort RS2000 4x4 Mk6

We sample a rare example of the performance Escort’s surprisingly well rounded swansong.

RBW’s all-new, all-electric, MGB-style roadster

Using a Heritage bodyshell, but little else from an MGB, how does RBW’s all-electric roadster stack up as a driver’s car?

1969 Volvo 1800S

We sample the Swedish-built version of Volvo’s svelte Amazon-based coupe

1936 MG VA

The last known surviving pre-production MG VA is itself a rarity amongst the rare but Ian Burton is determined to experience and share its history

1970 Triumph Stag 3.0 V8

Cool Runnings Did the Stag deserve its reputation? We revisit the British answer to the SL and find out. We revisit the only V8 Triumph and discover just how unfair history has been to BL’s answer to the Mercedes SL… Words: Aaron McKay. Photography: Gregory Owain.

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