Electrogenic expands EV range

Electrogenic expands EV range

Plug-and-play conversion is a simpler and more affordable swap

Regular readers may recall our test-drive of an Electrogenic-converted Mini in the July 2022 issue. The company has now expanded its range of drop-in conversion kits with a cost-effective ‘plug and play’ solution. This EV tech comes pre-assembled and pre-tested on a Heritage subframe that simply replaces the old subframe with its petrol engine. It features a 60bhp water-cooled electric motor, delivering 100lb.ft of instant torque to the wheels through a fixed-ratio drivetrain. Costing from £15,000 plus VAT, the conversion is powered by 20kWh of brand-new, densely packed OEM-grade batteries, also pre-mounted on the subframe and all wired in. The electrified Mini offers 80 miles of in-town range; the Euro Type 2 charge port is pre-mounted and can be accessed via a range of bespoke replacement front grilles.

Electrogenic will offer an extended range option, with an additional battery pack integrated into the boot.

The R&D team has ensured the kit is as easy to install as possible; fitting can be carried out by any qualified mechanic, and the package is sold as a fully assembled kit which slots within the existing architecture of the car, and is fully reversible.

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