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Six steps to buying a Opel Manta B
Buying Guide Pick carefully, and a bargain Opel Manta can be yours for as little as £2k. They can be challenging to run, but these drivers’ cars are real bargains – for now. Words Richard Dredge. Photography John Colley. Six steps to buying a Opel Manta B Best Manta buys from £4k If you want a Seventies coupé the chances are you’ll be drawn to a Ford Capri.
Buying guide Citroen DS/ID
The Citroen DS has been highly desirable since the moment it was launched, and the appeal is obvious to many people. But so are the oddball design features and pitfalls for the buyer. Here’s how to get hold of one of the most influential cars of all time. Getting a goddess - All the info on the futuristic French masterpiece It’s almost impossible to imagine just what a stir the Citroën DS caused at its launch in 1955.
Buying Guide 2005-2011 Fords Focus ST225 DA3
Pound for pound the finest of all fast Fords, the Focus ST225 is a five-cylinder sledgehammer that’s as fun to drive daily as it is to blast around a track. And with prices getting lower, now’s the perfect time to buy a brilliant all-rounder.
Tuning and modifying Range Rover Sport 3.0 SDV6 L494
So you've bought a Range Rover Sport 3.0 SDV6, but how can you make it even better to drive and own? TUNING AND MODIFYING Range Rover Sport 3.0 SDV6 L494 Significantly lighter and nimbler than its predecessor, the impressive 2013-on L494 Range Rover Sport is one of the most desirable mid-sized luxury SUVs on the planet. Facelifted in 2018, the torquey and efficient 130mph 3.0-litre SDV6 model remains the most popular choice with UK buyers.
Used car buyer’s guide Volvo XC40
The XC40 is Volvo’s first foray into the compact SUV market, and will soon be followed up by a SUV-Coupé edition named C40, though that car will be exclusively pure-electric and sold online. As the XC40 didn’t have a predecessor to worry about, all of the people that bought the XC40 were new to the brand, though there might have been a few V40 owners upgrading and perhaps some XC60 customers downsizing. The story of the XC40 started in May 2016, when Volvo revealed a pair of concept cars.
Buyers Guide Alfa-Romeo GTV/Spider Type-916
Alfa Romeo is no stranger to producing distinctive and desirable cars, but the Type 916 GTV and Spider are on another level when it comes to standing out from the crowd. Designed by Enrico Fumia while working at Pininfarina, with the interior penned by Walter de Silva, these wedge-shaped sportsters were launched more than a quarter of a century ago, yet they still look fresh and are thoroughly usable modern classics. Words: Richard Dredge. Pictures: John Colley.
Buyer’s Guide Mercedes-Benz SLK320 R170
When new, the first generation SLK mesmerised with its seductive looks, vario-roof arrangement and sporty handling, and now you can pick one up for just a few thousand pounds. Words David Sutherland. Images Terry Oborne & Daimler AG.
Lamborghini Diablo SV-R Super Trophy
The most raging bull. Sometimes things go further than just a single-make series, says Robert Ladbrook. This racer sparked a sports car revolution. THE SHOWROOM  Race car buying Some may try to lump the original Lamborghini Super Trophy into the same category as so many other run-of- the-mill single-make racing championships, but you shouldn’t.
Buyers Guide BMW F30 / F31 3 Series
When it was launched ten years ago the F30 was the most advanced 3 Series ever made, today it represents an excellent used buy... Words: Words: Bob Harper Photography: BMW. Ultimate Guide: BMW F30 / F31 3 Series It’s 10-years since the F30 generation 3 Series arrived in our lives. We delve deep into the model to reveal everything there is to know...
Supercharged 430bhp 1999 BMW 740i E38
Everything about the E38 7 Series is just so right and finished in Individual Scarab green with a host of retrofitted OEM extras and a supercharger under the bonnet, this 740i is peak performance luxury. Words: Elizabeth de Latour Photos: Mustafa Ahmed (@_mu57afa_).
Buying Guide Toyota MR2 Roadster W30
Seven steps to buying a Toyota MR2 Roadster W30 Mk3. This minimal mid-engined roadster is getting more desirable. Time to buy… Words Richard Dredge. Photography John Colley. Buying Guide How to put a bargain Toyota MR2 Roadster W30 on your drive The MkIII Roadster was a step back to basics for the MR2 after the Ferrari-aping MkII iteration of 1990-1999.
1991-1995 Mercedes-Benz 500E/E500 W124
The first instalment of this new series looks back at the 124-series 500E, launched at the Paris motor show in October 1990. It set a new high watermark for four-door saloon performance and is fast becoming a favourite among collectors with its link to Porsche.
2008 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Estate S204
Our recently acquired AMG is being brought up to scratch This generation of C63 has long been my dream car, and as you may have read in our ‘Living the Dream’ feature two issues ago, after recently spotting a well-optioned 2010 estate for sale I finally took the plunge. A 480bhp rear-wheel-drive AMG will struggle to disappoint even the most seasoned drivers, but, with this technically being my very first car, it’s safe to say that I’m rather pleased with my purchase.
1952 Austin A40 Somerset
Some cars are neglected and fall by the wayside, others are more fortunate and get restored. Only a select few are lucky enough to be maintained in perfectly original condition from new. Romer Adams' Austin Somerset is one of them. STORY TOLD TO SIMON GOLDSWORTHY AUSTIN SOMERSET AN ORIGINAL SURVIVOR Austin Somerset. A car that has survived nearly 70 years without a rebuild and is in fi ne shape. I know you couldn't have bought this Somerset new because you are far too young!
Guide 1999-2005 Audi A2 Type 8Z
The Audi A2 brought radical engineering to the small car sector, along with good looks and great driving dynamics. Its high cost kept sales low, but nowadays it is a sought-after machine. Report: Phil White. ALLOYED PLEASURE Emerging Classic The all-aluminium Audi A2, featuring seriously high tech in a small package. Like the Roman god Janus, Audi has two faces.
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