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S38 powered 360bhp BMW E28 race car

There are no slugs and snails and puppy dog tails here: this Jager-liveried E28 is a sweet little race build with a spicy afterglow.

R44 Performance’s 650bhp awesome 2023 BMW M3 G80

Covered in carbon, sitting low over stunning fully forged wheels and packing some serious power, R44 Performance’s awesome G80 M3 is a full-on build that pulls no punches.

450bhp ABT-Kitted more door 1.8T 20vT BJX-engined Volkswagen Golf Mk3

It’s easy to think back negatively to all 90’s aftermarket styling, but if you’re selective about the parts you choose, then you can create a real head turner… as Matt Brampton has proven here with his Abt-kitted Mk3 1.8T.

Timeless bagged 180bhp 1.8T 20v AMK S3 engined Volkswagen Golf Mk1

When accomplished fabricator and sprayer, Dan Sycamore of Sycworx fame turned his attention to his own Golf, we knew it would be special but this is next level. It just bagged ‘Best Mk1’ at Edition 38. Praise indeed…

Air Lift Performance 1991 Volkswagen Polo Breadvan Mk2F

Determined to preserve his Polo’s unusual utility fleet orange paint, automotive engineer Thomas Owczarski took an unconventional approach to the already challenging task of laying it low.

2.8-litre 12v VR6 engined 1986 Volkswagen Golf Mk2

When we first clapped eyes on Nick Ponterio’s incredible Mk2, we had no idea it was the same car that graced these pages almost a decade before, albeit in a very different guise.

1972 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser VC

Before the SUV and the minivan there was the station wagon. One can arguably state that when it comes to the station wagon America has done it bigger and better than anyone else. Originally conceived as a doorless people and cargo mover on a truck platform in the early 1900s, by the middle of the 1920s Ford had added some civility to it with the introduction of the Woodie. That refinement continued after World War II as wooden bodies gave way to steel panels and a foundation based on passenger car chassis.

Frankie Klepadlo’s ’30 Ford Model A Five-Window Coupe

The “backstory” on just about every hot rod is where the real story lies. Frankie Klepadlo of SoCal is no different, as the real story on his ’30 Ford five-window coupe began years ago. Frankie’s ’30 Ford chopped and- channeled coupe has finally made the road after six years of painstaking effort. But the backstory tells us it began a long time before that. It’s best to hear this story from Frankie himself.

Porsche 356 Roadster Outlaw

Low and lithe, this very special Porsche roadster is a one-off piece of automotive art with a poignant tale to tell.

Modified 453bhp 2014 Jaguar F-Type V6 Coupe

One man’s mission to make his Jaguar stand out from the crowd has seen this F-Type gain a subtle new identity.

JaguarSport tweaked 318bhp 1990 Jaguar XJR-S 6.0 by KWE

Best of breed. To mark Jaguar specialist KWE’s 20th anniversary, we drive founder Chris Knowles’ own upgraded 6.0-litre XJR-S

TechArt’s new 789bhp 2023 Porsche 911 Turbo S 992 based GTstreet R

Limited to just eighty-seven units, TechArt’s new 911 GTstreet R pays tribute to twenty years of a celebrated tuning programme which kicked off with the 996 Turbo two decades ago...

JabbaSport’s 315bhp lap dancer Volkswagen Golf GTi Mk7 Trackday Championship

Built to blitz the top tracks of the UK’s competitive Production GTi Trackday Championship, JabbaSport’s racy Mk7 Golf GTi has what it takes to make it hard for the competition…

200bhp Skoda Octavia Typ 1U

When building a motorsport-inspired, race-look project there are certain base cars that just seem like obvious candidates… and an estate Skoda Octavia certainly isn’t one of them!

2.8-litre 24v VR6 engined 1986 Volkswagen Golf GLI Mk2

There’s just something so right and timeless about a Rallye-fronted, Audi-handled, big bumper Mk2 and Gaets Orr’s 24v V6 example is one of our favourites. Here’s why…

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