David s Bainbridge Zimmerised 910 - the strange history of chassis Porsche 910-013 19 days ago

Do you know if Jim Sechser owned an IMSA bodied Chevrolet Monza. The car only has a few thousand miles on it which were all put on it in the 80's. The car sat until sold around 2002. My email is The car was traded in on a Porsche around late 78 at Carousel. This is a picture of the car. It was repainted in 80's. The car is supposed to have been built by DeKon Engineering.A Dekon Monza for the street roams the paddock area. (

Clifford Linnitt Buying Guide Hillman Imp 20 days ago

Thanks for your info on the imp. I am a member of the imp club and like you say they are good with spares. It's great to read your guide as it confirms loads of things I was thinking and tells me things I didn't know.

I had a couple of imps in the 1970's when I was just a young lad with no idea about cars. I have just started to restore an old 1974 imp super (with no engine) in my retirement.

The local garage «Higham Motors» in Northamptonshire have supplied me with an engine complete with all the extras like carb, w/pump, exhaust, dynamo etc. The only thing is this came out of a old imp 12 years ago and stored at the garage. They are imp specialists and are listed on the imp site. Local imp members use them and they have a load of imps and parts. I take it the engine was from a scrapped car.

I am a precision engineer by trade but never done much on engines so wondering the best way to try starting the engine? The engine turns by hand which is a start but don't want to do anything until I have done the checks. Would you have any do's and dont's please?

Thanks again for your guide and info really good to read.

Cliff L.

Howard 2024 Volkswagen Golf GTI Last hurrah for petrol hot hatch 1 month ago

but when is it coming?

Daniel Spadin Modified 2002 Jaguar X-Type 3.0 V6 Manual X400 1 month ago

I admire Nathan for his work and efforts.

I am a huge X-Type fan myself and have a «normal» X-Type 3.0 as well as a second one, which I had converted to a two-door convertible.

Congratuulations, Nathan!

andrew sapiro 1934 Alfa Romeo Monoposto Tipo B P3 1 month ago

no comments after one year ??

well I've sure got some questions ...

photographed this wonderful car at Amelia — 2020

briefly met owner Taylor — but was too stupid to ask these questions ...

the car sports number 42 — but was last raced at Indy in 48 with number 47

assuming it was retained by Lee and entered in 49 but did not qualify -

did this car attempt to qualify as number 42 — or did it race under this number in other '49 USAC events

answers please ...


Antony corr Karl Probst 1883-1963 1 month ago

landrover after the war came from Jeep 90s range rovers are More similar

Platinum Campers 2022 Ford Focus gets mid-life update 1 month ago

Platinum Campers & Off-Road Caravans stock a large range of off-road, all-terrain camper trailers & hybrid campers to fit any budget. Designed in Australia for our tough conditions and backed with a 5-year structural warranty, our campers are ready to join you on your next adventure.

Robert E Lee 2024 Isuzu mu-X 3.0 LSE 4X4 1 month ago

looking at those specs for the 2024. Bit disappointed with the numbers. Suggesting that someone hadn’t
making any check finding accuracy. As it stands the 2024 edition had made some significant changes .
8 speed automatic transmission, more HP and more
importantly more torque. Was approaching 300 plus For each bit of engine performance. Talk about the top

Trim levels, obviously your gonna get larger wheels more technology, upgraded sound system fatter tires some

Added bling and funky looking paint jobs

alex All new 2025 Mercedes-Benz CLA C118 EV stays as Model 3 rival 2 months ago

Can other articles specify what applications and gaming this car will offer

Tiff 2011 Jaguar XFR Le Mans Limited Edition X250 2 months ago

The XFR Le Mans Edition

— came with a numbered plaque on the door shuts


— a unique Le Mans Edition gear selector


— numbered sill plaque


— special edition embossed leather headrests


— a black front grille with a colour-coded grille surround


Thank God we have a photo of a stock spare tire instead. What was the point of taking any pictures of this car?

stuart 2023 Bugatti Centodieci 2 months ago

The EB110 SS looks more aerodynamic more rounded in the pictures.

Ed Kelly Ford readies seven-seat electric SUV to boost sales 2 months ago

never going to work

Muhammed 2024 Porsche 911 Carrera T 992 2 months ago

Terrifically written article! Excellent detail

Robert Fageol Gressard 1952 Ferrari 225 S Vignale Berlinetta 2 months ago

There is more to the history of this Ferrari. In the spring of 1970 I bought this car from a scrap metal dealer for the price of $125.00. It was missing the drive train interior and was a shell only. I bought it and trailered it home in a U haul trailer towed by an Austin Healey 3000 to Kent Ohio from Fla. I found the engine block in Pa. The number was 0178ED the number of the car also. I placed an add in Hemmings and sold it to European Auto Restorations 19 years later. Had I not spotted it in !970 it would not be here today. I have all the photos of the years of my ownership. There you have it.

Phillip Simmons 1967 Pontiac GTO 2 months ago

This was my car years ago. I had it painted plum mist, installed the black vinyl top, and had the engine rebuilt. I live in Spruce Pine NC. I sold it at the Rod Run in Pigeon Forge Tennessee. Have regretted it every day since!

Kym 1974 Purvis Eureka Sport 2 months ago

I built this Eureka from a basket full of bits. I sold it in 2006 and it is so nice to see it looking as good as the day it was finished. Hope you enjoy it for many years to come.

Paul Wilson 2009 Bristol Blenheim 4S 2 months ago

It was a wonderful anachronistic company, I had a restored car delivered around the same time and loved the alternativeness of the Brand and people. It was a shame the pre-pack went wrong. Looking at the hyper car market now you could imagine what a Fighter 2 could have been. Whether the buyers of Hyper cars would have embraced the eccentric Bristol name is another matter. We shall never know.

Paul Buying guide Porsche 911 Cabriolet 964 2 months ago

Rarest of colours for a 964, Zyclam Pearl metallic. less than 10 worldwide...

John Pitman 1970 Rover P6B 3500S prototype 3 months ago

Very nice....but I seriously doubt you could fit SD1 exhaust manifolds in a P6B engine bay! The P6B bay is closely fitted around the engine, and the sweep back of the SD1 manifolds would require serious mods to the bay to fit. Have a P6B manual now, and have had 2 SD1 in the past, so know of what I speak.

Chris 200bhp 1982 Ford Fiesta XR2 turbo Mk1 3 months ago

Hi I owned this car back in the 1990 I was the second owner got it of an old gentleman who had it from new.would love to see it some day again.

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