Richard An anatomy of the Bentley Continental R and T 18 hours ago

This is a really good in-depth review of the Continental R. As an owner of a 1998 model R I have to say what a wonderful machine. Somehow the designers have managed to pull off a look which harks back to the past but continues to appear modern as it ages.

I don't think you can call the R majestic, magical or even sporty but it does something many cars cannot achieve, and that's bucket loads of individuality. Like it or not people who have never seen one before have a sense of respect.  As with many low production hand crafted vehicles the R shows its beauty and its quirkiness in equal proportions. In relative terms it's reasonably modern but you always sense that those who built it had skills which were handed down through generations. 

Today R's can be bought for a relatively low price, in fact much lower than many of yesterday fast fords. Those vehicles have their place in the hearts of many but fall seriously short of the Bentley's heritage and the sense of pride in its manufacture.  

These cars shouldn't become part of someone's collection, they should be out on the road being used. It's the best way to fully enjoy them. 

Paul Walton Paul Walton 2023 Jaguar F-PACE SVR Edition 1988 19 hours ago

’88 desperation Whilst I must admit the recently announced F-PACE SVR Edition 1988 looks tremendous, I can’t help thinking Jaguar’s marketing people are going to run out of obscure anniversaries fairly soon. Personally I fancy a Cannonball edition to commemorate the 1979 coast-tocoast run in an XJ-S. Don’t laugh, it could happen.

Mudassar Khan 1993 Mercedes-Benz C36 AMG W202 3 days ago

I am the proud owner of the other only C36 in this colour :)

Harry 1969 Fiat 128 1.3 4 days ago

Fabulous !

Chris Randall Chris Randall Lamborghini Huracán 5 days ago


I’m glad you mentioned the Audi R8 in your Lamborghini Huracán Buyers’ Guide. Considering that the Lamborghini is essentially an R8 under the skin, I wonder what could possibly justify a price difference of 2.5 times on the used car market, as your pricing guide suggests? I even prefer the way the R8 looks compared to the Lamborghini, which is painful to admit considering I’m an Italian car fan through and through. Should I now hide my shame and type ‘Audi’ into the search field on Autotrader? Maybe that’s a step too far… 

Delywn Mallett Delywn Mallett 1963 Ferrari 250 GT Allegretti - sensational evocation of Drogo’s classic 6 days ago

Where is the Dino Berlinetta?

Great fun reading your latest issue, including the ‘Drogo’ pair of Ferraris and your Scottish jaunt. Perhaps you can assist with this strange mystery.

At the 1967 Turin Show, Pininfarina exhibited a breathtaking Leonardo Fioravanti-designed derivative of the Fiat Dino Spider in the style of a Berlinetta, painted in metallic blue. This subsequently did the rounds of the European shows and was very well received, but no further examples were built. With the advent of the 2.4, the same car was slightly modified (grille, bumpers) and painted yellow – Pininfarina’s then preferred shade for show cars – even though the engine wasn’t changed!

After that, it vanished and, according to someone I knew in Turin, even Pininfarina had no knowledge of its whereabouts. If it was appropriated, someone is sitting on a gem. Incidentally, the curious Pininfarina Parigi ‘Breadvan’ and Ginevra 2.0-litre Dino line-studies, penned by Paolo Martin, were variations on the same chassis. Rumours of four Ginevra models being built are just that.

As in the ‘Drogo’ articles, the Dino Berlinetta story has a couple of twists. At the Lancia Gamma launch in Portofino, I had a lengthy chat with the ‘father’ of the Gamma, Sergio Camuffo, who had more than a passing soft spot for Fiat Dinos. He recounted that two brothers, whom he knew, had apparently asked Pininfarina to convert their Dino Spiders into Berlinettas but, sadly, nothing more was known. As the photos show, that one-off Berlinetta is one of the most beautifully balanced designs. 

Zack Stiling Zack Stiling 1961 Ferrari 250 GT SWB 'Breadvan' 6 days ago


Thank goodness you photographed the Ferrari 250 GT Breadvan when you did. I’ve just seen footage of the Le Mans Classic race that it took part in, and crashed out of, with devastating consequences. Luckily no one was hurt in the incident but what a shame that such a valuable car with such a unique story should have had such a huge crash. As you seem to suggest in your article, though, this is not the first time the Breadvan has been biffed, and probably won’t be the last. No doubt it will be reinstated to racing condition, ready to be seen at Goodwood and so on in the future. 

Ron B. 1965 Mercedes-Benz 300SE LWB W112 7 days ago

Hi, Nice 300 but it's not a long wheel base car. The 300 SE long wheel base cars are very distinctive with a blank vent cover on the «c» pillar each side and Chrome window frames. .The 300SE lang  is 100 mm longer than that car. i have owned both 300SE and 300SE lang ,restored one Lang and wrecked another lang which was too rusted out to repair. The lang was incredibly expensive when new so Right hand drive Langs are very rare. Coupes were more common. 


Filippo Sole Across the USA 3000 miles coast-to-coast in a 1930 Lancia Type 227 Dilambda Cabriolet 10 days ago

Hi Dave!!! This is Filippo, the owner and driver!

It’s been quite easy to drive, not as smooth as an Astura but always a pleasure. We fixed 2 times the water pump shaft adding hard metal by welding and then grinding it to make the correct square shape. Unfortunatly the first time the metal added was too soft but the second time worked well. We had this second fix in Albuquerque.

As for the front end I used parts of of the refitted one (consider it was refitted in 1970).

From now on I will drive a coast to coast roadtrip every year as it’s been one of the most exciting adventures of my life!!!

Rob Hawkins Rob Hawkins 1989 BMW M3 Evo 2 E30 road car vs. M3 Evo 2 racer E30 10 days ago

While it may seem a minor nit to pick, the first competitive outing for the glorious E30 M3 was in the divine black and gold JPS Team BMW livery, so splendidly displayed in your April spread on Pip Barker’s car, at Calder Park, Melbourne Australia on 28th February 1987. Jim Richards finished fifth before going on to win the championship – not the Monza WTCC round on 22nd March 1987 as stated in 50 Years of M – Part 2. Just to continue the theme, when the ex-JPS Team BMW cars sold to Peter Brock’s Mobil 05 team and then to Peter Doulman, they had 2-litre engines developed in Australia for the local Australian Super Touring championship. Their success saw BMW M obtaining the development work as the basis for the ETCC and WTCC cars.

Rob Hawkins Rob Hawkins Ex-Top Gear 1994 BMW 850Ci E31 10 days ago

I really enjoyed your feature on the ex-Top Gear 8 Series, I remember the episode that the car appeared in vividly, in fact it switched me on to the wonders of the 8 Series and a few years later I bought one for myself! That car has long since been sold to a new owner but I’m sure I wouldn’t have owned it if it weren’t for that episode of the show. It is great to see that the car lives on today.

BILL ROBERTS 1921 Skeoch 12 days ago

Around 1970, I was working beside Ron Skeoch in Langside College in Glasgow. We were both lecturers and we shared a workroom. One day when we were talking, Ron asked if we could have a talk and he produced a set of drawings for the Skeoch Car and told me how his father's garage had been destroyed by fire and he had no insurance. Ron then told me that he wanted to build a replica of the car and needed help and asked me to consider being that help. As we perused the drawings,  I noticed that the chassis was made from wood and as I was an engineer, I suggested that he should first of all talk to someone in the Joinery department. I was also studying three nights a week and taught a night- school class one night, so my time was limited.

Ron was disappointed, but he thought things over and whilst on holiday in Spain called me and said that he had arranged for a lecturer in the motor mechanical side to give him a hand with the project. Now, Ron was a great guy, he had his own plane and although getting on in years kept his Pilot's license and he used this to spend time in Spain.

Sadly, we never talked again for a few years as I moved to another college.  When we did talk it was me who contacted him through someone else's email address as I was looking through a copy of Exchange & Mart, when a saw a wanted part for a wheel bearing for a Skeoch Car similar to a certain motor cycle.

I had left my phone number for him to reply, when I emailed the address in the advert but whoever it was, only passed on my phone number. Ron phoned and was really upset to find it was me and not someone with news of the bearing! When he calmed down he explained the he had walked miles down a mountain side to get to a phone, but we parted on good terms. When I asked about the car he said it was almost finished and they had it in a lock-up in Wishaw, only a small part of the running gear to be done.

WR 31/07/2022

Lanciadave Across the USA 3000 miles coast-to-coast in a 1930 Lancia Type 227 Dilambda Cabriolet 12 days ago

Magnificent! I am now envious of such a great drive in such a great car. I am curious to know two more things; What was your impression of driving the slightly unusual DiLambda engine (at least in reference to other Lancia models), and what was the cure that finally fixed the waterpump and its shaft? Being a Lancia fan I cannot help but squeeze in one more, was the refitted front end used during the restoration, or was something created? At any rate, Thank you for sharing your experience with us along with your lovely automobile.


SS owner 1972 Holden HQ SS 15 days ago

I have been told that the 253 was the only engine offered in the HQ SS, stand to be corrected though.....

USt 2007 Toyota Century V12 15 days ago

Thanks a lot for this wonderful article about the Century. I am a very happy owner of a 2nd gen Century and can confirm all details about this car. Every minute in a Century is a pure pleasure. Let me please ask one question: My Century has the same «problem» with the «boss door». The soft close mechanism does not work. Could you let me know, how this problem has been fixed? Thank you.

Alan. Kirby 1978 Fiat X1/9 Lido 19 days ago

In Australia, we got the 1300  4speed in the full 1500  body, pretty asmatic but I'm still happy

Peter Guy 1997 Porsche 911 Carrera 996.1 20 days ago

Thanks for a well reasoned and informative article.

Purists may deride the 996 but it has been a driving and commercial success.

Top spec models are holding their prices as far as I can tell.

Peter Dron Roger Bell 1937-2022 22 days ago

By the way, how is your friend Butt-Head?

Peter Dron Roger Bell 1937-2022 22 days ago

Do this ASAP please. And then at least give Paul Skilleter the credit that is due. At present, some people will imagine that Dan Bevis was on the staff of Motor. Is Dan Bevis a real person or a pseudonym? 

Tony Bailey Roger Bell 1937-2022 22 days ago

The photo is not of the Roger Bell referred to in the obituary which was originally penned  by Paul Skilleter although not acknowledged as such. It is of Roger Bell-Ogilby who works for Bonhams Motoring Department. 

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