New Porsche M64 cylinder head kit

New Porsche M64 cylinder head kit

Swindon Powertrain has revealed its “ultimate” 24-valve cylinder head kit, designed to transform 964 and 993 air-cooled engine performance.

High-performance engine specialist Swindon Powertrain has launched a direct fit 24-valve cylinder head kit for the 911 M64 engine. It will enable owners to extract more power from their 964 and 993 air-cooled engines.

The factory-fit Porsche air-cooled engines found in both the 964 and 993 rely on a traditional, low-flow, two-valve per cylinder architecture. This limits the total valve area and restricts the mass of air entering the combustion chamber during each cycle. Swindon Powertrain’s kit unlocks substantial increases in both power and torque with four-valve per cylinder castings, making it ideal for performance, track and race applications.

Over a standard 993, flow improvements of 40 per cent at the inlet and 66 per cent on the exhaust were recorded in testing, while the increased breathing efficiency enables the all-new valvetrain to rev up to 12,000rpm. In addition, the kit offers a weight reduction of 3.5kg over the standard 993 cylinder head.

Swindon Powertrain can also supply a power-steering drive to enable the use of the 993’s factory-fit system and custom pistons. It’s designed to take advantage of the increased breathing efficiency, alongside inlet porting and bespoke cam profiles. The kit is fully compatible with the 993’s standard lubrication system, cam chain drive, barrels ranging from 95 to 102.7mm bore diameter, crankcase, and exhaust. This simplifies the upgrade process while enabling further staged improvements.

“Factory cylinder heads held back worthwhile gains for the traditional over square Porsche air-cooled flat six engines,” said Raphaël Caillé, MD at Swindon Powertrain. “Our extensive research and development programme enabled us to eliminate the compromise to create arguably the ultimate cylinder head for an air-cooled 911. Using the latest innovations in materials alongside CNC machining to F1 tolerance standards, our cylinder heads transform an air-cooled engine. The improved breathing and ability to rev unleash the potential to experience your 911 like never before.”

Available for a limited time, the M64 cylinder head kit costs £29,950 and comes with a 12-month warranty. Visit for details.

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