Incoming electric super-saloon could take BMW iM3 name

Incoming electric super-saloon could take BMW iM3 name

Get ready for a revolutionary shift with BMW's upcoming release of the all-new 2024 BMW iX3, the first model utilizing BMW's cutting-edge Neue Klasse EV platform. Set to launch in the latter half of 2025 in the UK, this bold five-seat SUV is poised to pack nearly 600bhp in its most powerful form, leading a lineup of six electric cars leveraging the advanced 800V platform.

Among the highlights is the groundbreaking i3 saloon, previously showcased as the Neue Klasse concept in Munich. BMW's R&D chief, Frank Weber, emphasized the innovative approach to component utilization within this platform, signaling a departure from traditional platform concepts.

The iX3, codenamed NA5, will coexist with petrol, diesel, and plug-in hybrid versions of the 'G45' X3, maintaining a strategy akin to the current iX3 model. However, while the new EV transitions to the Neue Klasse platform, familiar ICE variants will remain based on an updated CLAR platform.

A key innovation at the core of the Neue Klasse architecture is the sixth-generation lithium-ion battery, designed in-house by BMW. This new battery boasts increased energy density by 20%, promising extended ranges without increasing size. Moreover, the shift to an 800V system enables a 30% faster charging rate than its predecessor.

Expect remarkable performance enhancements with the iX3 M60, featuring nearly 600bhp generated by a pair of new sixth-generation motors, available in both rear- and four-wheel-drive configurations. BMW's commitment to delivering driving dynamics remains unwavering, leveraging a new supercomputer controller, the 'Heart of Joy,' ensuring a distinctive BMW driving experience in these upcoming models.

Weber highlighted BMW's dedication to maintaining the brand's cherished 'ultimate driving machine' ethos amid electrification, emphasizing the emotional connection customers have with their cars.

As BMW pushes the boundaries of electric car driving dynamics, the iX3 M60 is poised to redefine standards with its impressive power output and precision.

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