The Revival of Twingo: Renault's Electrifying Return to its Roots

The Revival of Twingo: Renault's Electrifying Return to its Roots

Renault is unleashing a wave of nostalgia by rekindling its iconic models, diving deep into its historic portfolio to revitalize classics like the Renault 4 and 5 as electric vehicles. Adding to this resurgence, the Twingo, a city car that once captured hearts, is making a dynamic comeback – this time, in an all-electric avatar.

In a significant reveal at the electric sub-brand Ampere's inaugural capital markets day, the curtain was lifted on the adorable yet futuristic Twingo E-Tech concept, heralding the return of this beloved Renault gem.

The Twingo's resurrection is part of Renault's strategic maneuver towards electrification. Ampere, Renault's innovative electrification and tech sub-division, is set to spearhead the project, harnessing existing battery and electric motor technologies within the Renault Group.

Renault Group CEO, Luca de Meo, hails this new EV as a 'silver bullet for sustainability in the urban environment,' drawing parallels to its transformative impact three decades ago. He projects that it will occupy 20% less space than the average European car while emitting a staggering 75% less CO2 compared to the average 2023 European vehicle.

Foreseeing a fast turnaround, Renault plans to leverage shared components with the Dacia Spring, potentially adopting a modest battery size and power output to achieve a targeted price point of approximately €20,000 (roughly £17,500). De Meo's ambitious timeline indicates the production Twingo hitting the roads 'within two years from the concept,' rivaling the swift pace of Chinese OEMs.

New Renault Mini and Twingo's Game-Changing Features:

  • Powertrain: Anticipated to sport a 30kWh battery and around 65bhp from a single e-motor, all powering the front-wheel drive.
  • Chassis: Built on a robust steel monocoque platform.
  • Expected Arrival: Set to debut in 2026, blending modern innovation with the classic Twingo spirit.

Renault's commitment to revisiting its roots while steering towards a sustainable and electrifying future is evident in the new Twingo. This reinvented marvel is not just a resurrection; it's a renaissance of Renault's legacy in an eco-conscious, forward-looking era.

Illustration: Avarvarii

Discover the future production-spec Twingo E-Tech, a visionary creation poised to redefine urban mobility.
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