2024 Aston Martin Vantage

2024 Aston Martin Vantage

The 2018 Vantage fell short; weird looks, uninspiring interior, awkward dynamics. But as Aston continues its ascendance, expect greatness.


The electric crossover onslaught is real. But so too is a load of hot new metal hellbent on claiming your savings

Elegant again

A distinctive if polarising form, the 2018 Vantage bravely ditched timeless elegance for something bolder, more distinctive. Fine. Except that great Astons, like 911s, should be timeless.

To that end the 2024 Vantage gets a new grille and sleeker lights for the kind of elegance we can all get behind. Expect no change at the rear: with its aggressive diffuser and sleek light bar, it doesn’t need fixing.

More powerful

New-era Aston’s merrily turning up the wick on its AMG-sourced V8s – the sensational DB12’s good for 671bhp and, with 590lb ft, far more torque than the DB11 it replaced. New Vantage won’t hold back either. Just as the DB12 enjoys a 100bhp margin of superiority over the old V8 DB11, so the new Vantage will leap to north of 600bhp. Reckon on the kind of torque that flattens hills, too, plus decadent noise.

Classy cabin

As night follows day Aston reviews moan about the interior at some point. No longer. After watching on as a generation of dated Merc stuff blunted appraisals of the DB11 and DBX, it developed its own kit for the DB12. And it’s good: a modest but high-definition touchscreen plus plenty of actual buttons – because you don’t won’t to be prodding around in sub menus when your twin-turbo V8’s on boost…

DB12 dynamics The DB12’s been widely lauded for its chassis dynamics. The recent F1 Edition, too, gave a glimpse as to the quality buried deep within the Vantage. The next one should hit similar highs.

Overhauled hardware, new Bilstein adaptive dampers and an active rear differential should all help give the new Vantage more fluency and the kind of composure at nine-tenths the current car lacks.

I What is it?

The car the Vantage always should have been


Classy DB12-derived infotainment, slideenhancing e-diff

Aimed at?

Wealthy scoundrels with taste I When can I have one? Aston will pull the covers off in the spring, so let’s say autumn

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