Electric MG 4 estate will replace 5 SW

Electric MG 4 estate will replace 5 SW

The introduction of the Electric MG 4 estate marks an exciting shift in MG's electric vehicle lineup, as it steps in to replace the aging MG 5 SW EV. Expected to hit the market later this year, this new estate version builds upon the success of the MG 4 EV hatchback, offering enhanced versatility and performance.

Initially launched in the UK in 2020, the MG 5 SW EV was based on the Chinese-market Roewe i5, which traces back to 2017, reaching a natural retirement age. With MG's commitment to innovation and progress in electric vehicle technology, the transition to the new Electric MG 4 estate signifies a significant evolution in their lineup.

MG's adoption of the new EV-specific Modular Scalable Platform architecture, pioneered in the MG 4, will be extended across their range, replacing the first generation of electric cars. This strategic move not only ensures continuity in technological advancements but also promises greater efficiency and performance.

By leveraging the existing architecture of the MG 4, the Electric MG 4 estate emerges as a logical and cost-effective successor to the MG 5 SW EV. This transition will see the new model shifting from front-driven to rear-driven, resulting in vastly improved performance metrics across various aspects.

Carl Gotham, advanced design director at MG’s European design centre in London, hints at a bold and technologically advanced future for MG's lineup, including the next-generation 5 and ZS and HS crossovers. Despite advancements, MG remains committed to maintaining affordability and accessibility, ensuring that the brand resonates with a broad audience.

The upcoming Electric MG 4 estate is poised to redefine the segment, offering unparalleled performance and versatility. Built upon the underpinnings of the MG 4 hatch, this new electric estate promises to elevate the driving experience while staying true to MG's core values of innovation and accessibility.

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