Ford Expands Mustang Line-Up: All-New 2025 Four-Door Mustang Rumored

Ford Expands Mustang Line-Up: All-New 2025 Four-Door Mustang Rumored

In a bold move to cater to the growing demand for its iconic Mustang, Ford is considering an expansion of its lineup, potentially introducing a four-door variant for the first time in history. CEO Jim Farley expressed enthusiasm about the prospect during an exclusive interview with DrivesToday, hinting at a wider range of «authentic» combustion-engined models.

Four-Door Mustang on the Horizon Ford's CEO, Jim Farley, disclosed plans to leverage the Mustang brand for a broader range of models, including a potential four-door saloon. Farley emphasized the need for any new Mustang variant to maintain the performance and attitude synonymous with the original.

Expanding the Mustang Legacy Farley envisions enhancing the Mustang's appeal by introducing both accessible models and upscale versions, drawing inspiration from Porsche's successful diversification of the 911 series. He highlighted the recent unveiling of the track-focused Mustang GTD as a glimpse into the future of high-performance Mustangs.

Maintaining Traditions Assuring enthusiasts, Farley reaffirmed Ford's commitment to producing V8 engines and manual transmissions. Despite the industry's shift towards electrification, he pledged to preserve the quintessential Mustang driving experience.

Hybrid Power on the Horizon While acknowledging the need for reduced carbon emissions, Farley hinted at future Mustangs incorporating hybrid powertrains to enhance performance without compromising on environmental concerns.

A Promising Future Reflecting on Mustang's global success, Farley sees its expansion as a testament to Ford's strategic vision. The decision to introduce right-hand-drive variants and cater to international markets has paid off, positioning Mustang as a global icon with a bright future ahead.

Conclusion: With Ford's ambitious plans to expand the Mustang lineup, including the possibility of a four-door model, enthusiasts can anticipate an exciting evolution of this legendary American muscle car. Stay tuned for updates as Ford continues to redefine the boundaries of automotive excellence.

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