Alfa Romeo Eyes Fifth Model: Electric Cayenne Rival or Family Hatchback?

Alfa Romeo Eyes Fifth Model: Electric Cayenne Rival or Family Hatchback?

Alfa Romeo Closes in on New, Fifth Model.The automotive world is buzzing with anticipation as Alfa Romeo gears up to unveil its fifth model. The Italian carmaker, renowned for its iconic designs and performance vehicles, is contemplating whether its next model will be an electric rival to the Porsche Cayenne or a versatile family hatchback.

Jean-Philippe Imparato's Vision for Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo's CEO, Jean-Philippe Imparato, has confirmed that a final decision regarding the form of the fifth model will be made by the end of this year. The leading contender is a large SUV designed to compete with the Porsche Cayenne, aiming to hit the market in 2027.

Recently, Alfa Romeo expanded its lineup with the addition of the new Junior crossover, complementing the existing Giulia saloon, Tonale, and Stelvio SUVs. The upcoming model will mark a significant step forward for the brand.

SUV or Hatchback? The Decision Dilemma

While an E-segment electric SUV has been in the spotlight, Imparato emphasized the need to establish a solid business case before proceeding. He also mentioned that a C-segment hatchback remains a viable alternative.

Imparato told Autocar, “The question is do we go up [in size]? And for me the answer is yes: we have to go up. We have everything – the platform, the engines, the software. We can push the limit to the max and I have some design sketches that are very good.”

Stellantis Platform and Market Potential

Any new large SUV would utilize Stellantis's STLA Large platform, known for its ultra-fast charging capabilities and compatibility with a variety of high-powered motors and large batteries. The approval of this model hinges on several factors, including the advancement of electrification in North America, the potential of the Asian market, particularly China, and the state of the large SUV market in Europe.

Imparato added, “If I’m premium and I’m not in the E-segment, then what do I do? The alternative is to go back to a C-hatch, because we have everything – the compact, saloon, C-SUV, D-SUV. So the question is: up or down?”

The Future of Alfa Romeo

Imparato hinted that maintaining a strong presence in the E-segment could make the large SUV a reality, describing the potential model as “striking.” Besides the primary model lines, Alfa Romeo will continue to produce limited-run specials, such as the 33 Stradale supercar. As the lifecycle of each model approaches its end, Alfa will decide whether to renew or innovate based on market trends and Stellantis's global strategy.

Reviving Classic Models

Imparato expressed a desire to revive classic models like the GTV or Alfetta, depending on future trends. He suggested that a C-segment hatchback on the STLA Medium platform could pave the way for a new Duetto spider. However, decisions for 2028 or 2029 will be influenced by the evolving SUV market and overall business potential.

Addressing enthusiasts who question the shift towards SUVs, Imparato remarked, “So many of our Alfisti say: ‘Why are you going SUV?’ Because you only buy SUVs, my friend, and I’m not a provider of work/life balance. I’m a provider of cars.”

Potential for a Station Wagon

Imparato also floated the idea of a Giulia station wagon, noting, “You could decide to do a station wagon with the Giulia. Tomorrow morning, we could do that, but what is the market? It would be supercool, an Alfa shooting brake, but what is the volume?”


As Alfa Romeo approaches its decision on the next model, the automotive community eagerly awaits whether the iconic brand will introduce an electric Cayenne rival or a new family hatchback. Both options promise to uphold Alfa Romeo's legacy of combining style, performance, and innovation.

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