Rimac buys Bugatti

Rimac buys Bugatti

Porsche-backed venture sees Zuffenhausen acquire a 45% stake in the prestigious French manufacturer

The Croatian electric hypercar company, Rimac, has entered into a new joint partnership with Porsche over the purchase of Bugatti. The arrangement sees Rimac own a 55% share of the new company, Bugatti-Rimac, while Porsche will own the remaining 45%. Porsche CEO Oliver Blume and head of finance Lutz Meschke will join the new company as executive board members.

Porsche will be a key strategic partner in Bugatti-Rimac, which will initially produce two cars: the 1,600hp, combustion-engined Bugatti Chiron, and the 1,900hp Rimac Nevera EV. The company will be headquartered in Zagreb, Croatia, while Porsche says all Bugatti vehicles will continue to be produced in Molsheim, France.

The takeover of Bugatti is the latest development in a fruitful three-year relationship between Rimac and Porsche, with Porsche holding a direct 24% stake in Mate Rimac’s company. “We are combining Bugatti’s strong expertise in the hypercar business with Rimac’s tremendous innovative strength in the field of electric mobility,” says Blume. “Bugatti is contributing a tradition-rich brand, iconic products, a loyal customer base and a global dealer organisation to the joint venture. In addition to technology, Rimac is providing new development and organisational approaches.”

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