2023 Porsche 911 Turbo 992.2 goes hybrid!

2023 Porsche 911 Turbo 992.2 goes hybrid!

Porsche combines e-power with traditional flat six engine

Porsche is testing hybrid power for its 911 Turbo on the public road, DrivesToday can reveal. In a sensational development which will reverberate right around the Porsche spectrum, Total 911’s spies have captured a 992 Turbo prototype riding with active e-power on board. At face value the mule looks like an ordinary 992 Turbo development car in action, save for the presence of a small yellow sticker in the 911’s rear screen. The sticker signifies the vehicle is a test car fitted with hybrid componentry, which is required by law in the event of an accident, so that rescue teams are aware the vehicle is equipped with high-voltage technology.

The prototype in our pictures also has its rear windows tinted, and the lower sides of its rear fenders taped up. Our spies believe this is most likely because Porsche has hidden the battery pack on this early prototype in the area where you would normally find the 911’s rear seats.

This development means the 992 Turbo looks set to be the first road-going Porsche 911 to adopt hybrid technology, and comes after Porsche conceded at the 992’s launch that its new eight-speed PDK gearbox has mounting space for an electric motor. Porsche CEO, Dr Oliver Blume, has previously hinted the 992.2 generation will adopt hybrid technology to both increase power as well as efficiency.

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