110-Year Anniversary Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost re-enacts London to Edinburgh trial

110-Year Anniversary Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost re-enacts London to Edinburgh trial

History repeated itself recently when a world-renowned Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost re-enacted its astonishing run in the 1911 London-Edinburgh Trial. Chassis number 1701, originally designed as an ‘Experimental Speed Car', won that event locked in top gear for the entire 799-mile return trip between the two capitals.

Given the primitive state of Britain's Edwardian roads, its average speed of 19.59 mph was highly impressive – and its then unheard-of fuel efficiency of over 24mpg even more so. To prove that the car had not been modified in any way, it achieved 78.2mph on a half-mile speed test conducted immediately after the event. And it later became the first Rolls-Royce to exceed 100mph at Brooklands.

The recent re-enactment was as faithful to the 1911 event as possible, with the Silver Ghost departing from the Pall Mall headquarters of the Royal Automobile Club (which oversaw the original Trial) at 06.00 on Sunday 5th September. It then travelled to Edinburgh on a route that followed the old Great North Road as closely as is feasible – locked in top gear all the way, just as it was 110 years before. To add to the spectacle, a further nine Rolls-Royce Silver Ghosts from the 20-Ghost Club also took part, with the run concluding via a grand reception at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Edinburgh.

Andrew Ball, head of corporate relations at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, commented: “Winning the 1911 London- Edinburgh Trial was a landmark moment for Silver Ghost 1701. That the same car, now a priceless collectors’ item, can repeat the endeavour 110 years later is testament to its remarkable engineering, materials and build quality. Our sincere congratulations to our friends at the 20Ghost Club on this fantastic achievement.”

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