A new communications focus for Porsche Classic

A new communications focus for Porsche Classic

It may seem like it took Porsche a long while to come around to the idea of celebrating and supporting its legacy models, but Porsche Classic is making up for lost time with the constant reintroduction of parts for long discontinued Stuttgart-crested sports cars. Recognising ownership of classic and modern classic Porsches is much more than a love of nuts and bolts, however, Porsche Classic is fundamentally realigning its communications to customers, enthusiasts and the many Porsche Classic Partner Centres, such as Porsche Centre Leeds, Hatfield, Glasgow and Swindon.

“Porsche Classic stands for more than high-quality original parts and restorations,” says Ulrike Lutz, Head of Porsche Classic. “We want to further inspire and encourage our customers and fans to keep their dream car alive.” He aims to intensify Porsche Classic’s bond with the Porsche enthusiast community by celebrating the lifestyle accompanying ownership. To this end, Porsche Classic is now implementing its Caretakers of Dreams communications strategy, kicking off with a film celebrating air-cooled 911s and a huge library of editorial images covering the various models catered for by the Porsche Classic parts service.

“The human interest component of classic Porsche ownership is very important,” suggests Simone Beutel, Marketing and Communications Specialist at Porsche Classic. “Porsche will be using this newly developed content for many marketing and communications formats, included printed materials, the Porsche Classic website and the brand’s social media channels. Moving forward, the new communications programme and corresponding content will also be reflected in all product literature.”

Until now, Porsche Classic’s reputation as an OEM parts provider with little customer engagement has encouraged many to wonder if the brand’s managers view older cars dispassionately — owned ‘objects’ in need of restoration or maintenance. Caretakers of Dreams, Beutel argues, attempts to clarify Porsche’s position. “In principle, Porsche Classic takes over the care of vehicles ten years after their end of production,” she tells us. “The brand is therefore currently looking after the 356, all 911s up to and including the 996, the 912, 959, 914, 924, 944, 928, 968, 986 Boxster, Type 980 Carrera GT and the first-generation Cayenne.

This represents a total of more than 870k cars, but beyond supply of new parts, we understand and appreciate how an older Porsche conveys a unique feeling to its owner.” The introduction of Caretakers of Dreams and the accompanying Driven by Dreams brand, she says, will attempt to promote Stuttgart’s recognition of each owner’s passion for Porsche beyond purchase of parts.

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