All-electric Maserati ‘Folgore’ range announced

All-electric Maserati ‘Folgore’ range announced

Maserati is embarking on its switch to an electric line-up, revealing plans that it will introduce three electric models in 2023, a further three EVs by 2025 and have an entirely electric line-up by 2030. The arrival of the ‘Folgore’ (meaning ‘lightning’ in English) electric range will include the launch of a Maserati GranTurismo coupé with more than 1,200bhp.

The new model features a tri-motor setup for four-wheel drive, serving up a 0-62mph time of under three seconds and a top speed of more than 186mph. It will also spawn a soft-top GranCabrio version in the same year. Calling the GranTurismo ‘a true icon for the brand’, Maserati said it will offer ‘cutting-edge technical solutions derived from Formula E, superb performance, comfort and elegance, all typical of the Trident.’

By 2025 it will be joined by an electric version of the MC20 supercar, along with a new Quattroporte saloon and Levante large SUV, sitting above the Grecale. It’s possible the latter could sit on the newly developed Stellantis STLA Medium platform, which is billed as offering a driving range of up to 440 miles. One model that isn’t mentioned in the masterplan is the Ghibli, so will there be a next generation edition? Will it survive, or not? Only time will tell.

While the GranTurismo and GranCabrio models will also be offered with petrol engines, Maserati has outlined its plan to go all-electric as a brand by 2030, as part of the wider ‘Dare Forward 2030’ plan of the Stellantis group.

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