US market drives soaring demand for classic Porsche 911 EV conversions

US market drives soaring demand for classic Porsche 911 EV conversions

If there’s a topic sure to polarise opinion on the classic Porsche scene, it’s EV conversions, and yet the rate at which air-cooled 911s are being switched to battery power is increasing quicker than many expected. Unsurprisingly, with the cost of motoring now spiralling skyward, many enthusiasts who seek to use a classic 911 as an everyday vehicle are choosing to switch to electrification for economical reasons, as much as because of their concerns about the environment. With this in mind, UKbased EV conversion specialist, Everrati, is making moves to ensure it can meet increased demand for 964 conversions from its US customer base.

Chief among the company’s efforts is a new strategic partnership with Aria Group, a company with peerless expertise in low-volume, high-end vehicle engineering and manufacturing, supporting world-leading OEMs and reimagination specialists. Having direct experience creating vehicles for both Singer Vehicle Design and Radford Motors, Aria Group is the natural partner for Everrati, employing the latest production techniques and technologies, with quality and precision at the core of its operations.


“Demand for our electrified icons, such as the 964-based Signature Edition, is surging globally, but particularly in California, where our customer base of sustainability-conscious millennials and Gen-Zs is growing very quickly indeed,” said Everrati founder, Justin Lunny. “These discerning buyers want the look of an iconic 911, but would never consider buying a car powered by an internal combustion engine. For them, EV is the only way to go.” The flagship Everrati Signature Edition (Gulf-liveried version pictured) features a 500bhp EV motor with a high-power 53kWh battery pack capable of delivering driving range of up to two-hundred miles. The sprint to 60mph from rest is despatched in less than four seconds. Special care and attention is taken to ensure the donor 964’s original weight, as well as its weight distribution, is maintained.

Traction is aided by a Quaife ATB limited-slip differential and TracTive semi-active suspension with user-controlled drive modes. A range of optional extras (not limited to active sound management and a carbon-fibre body) are available, but it’s the promise of zero emissions, regenerative braking and combined AC and DC fast charging — against a backdrop of increasingly tight local emissions and sustainability laws — which has appealed to Everrati’s Californian customer base.

“Aria Group’s expertise and state-of-the-art manufacturing and composites facility based in Irvine, California, enables Everrati to take advantage of proximity to accelerate delivery times and meet US demand,” Lunny explained. Clive Hawkins, CEO of Aria Group, was equally complimentary. “Everrati’s EV products, such as its redefined 964, set new standards for electrified classic vehicles. We are excited to be playing a key role in the company’s continued expansion into the US market.” Their partnership follows the recent launch of Everrati North America.

In addition to the 964 coupe, Everrati is producing 964 Targas and cabriolets with the same powertrain arrangement as the ducktailed tin-top pictured. These Porsches join the company’s new Superformance GT40 EV, also available with iconic Gulf racing livery, echoing the look of the Ford GT40s under John Wyer Automotive rule in the 1960s. Other products in the Everrati line-up include electric versions of the Land Rover Series 2A and Mercedes-Benz W113 SL ‘Pagoda’. Whether at Everrati or otherwise, however, the classic 911 is one of the most in-demand cars on the EV conversion scene, and the 964 is very much leading the charge.

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