Neither Rolls-Royce nor Bentley ever produced a motorcycle, which allowed another marque to benefit from the comparison
I was, as usual, looking at an online auction catalogue when I should have been working. I had employed a time-saving tactic and searched for the terms BENTLEY and ROLLS-ROYCE, but I was surprised when the latter search produced a motorcycle. It was, of course, a Brough Superior.
Buying Guide Ferrari 550 Maranello
Ferrari’s front-engined V12 supercar is now an appreciating asset, so here’s how to buy one and ensure it stays that way. Words NIGEL BOOTHMAN Photography TOM WOOD Eight steps to buying a Ferrari 550 MaranelloBuying Guide How to buy the surprisingly easy-living Ferrari 550 Maranello Once it got depreciation out of the way from its £143k launch price, the Ferrari 550 Maranello has increased in value since it was discontinued, with the best now nudging £100k.
Buying Guide Bentley Arnage
Replacing the Turbo R, the Arnage was caught up in one of the most bizarre buyouts in British industrial history. But that just means there are interesting choices to be made when buying one. WORDS: WILL HOLMAN PHOTOGRAPHY: KELSEY ARCHIVE BUY BENTLEY’S LUXURY BARGAINBUYING ADVICE BENTLEY ARNAGE BUYING GUIDE: BENTLEY ARNAGE All you need to know to select the best ‘...there’s no real price differential between BMW and L Series engine variants, at least for nice low-mileage examples.
Eight steps to buying a Ford Anglia 105/123E
Cult appeal means these are a safe place for your money – but prices are rising. Words RICHARD DREDGE Photography JOHN COLLEY Buying Guide  How to buy a Ford Anglia 105E/123E while avoiding Harry Potter hype Ever since a magic Anglia 105E flew across the screen in 2002’s Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Ford’s ‘baby Thunderbird’ has been transformed from charming old saloon to decent investment.
1921 Skeoch
A piece of Scotland’s rare motoring history could have vanished forever without the resourcefulness and commitment of a unique body of men. Words NIGEL BOOTHMAN Photos ANDY MCCANDLISH, DALBEATTIE MEN’S SHED ‘All we had was the drawings and a badge’ Epic Restoration Could intrepid Scotsmen in sheds resurrect the enigmatic Skeoch? Resurrecting a Scottish motoring myth with Billy Connolly - the Skeoch This is a restoration story like no other we’ve covered.
Epic Restoration How do you restore a 1950 Ferrari 195S when you don’t know who built it?
This mystery of this unique 1950 Ferrari’s origin was unravelled by a detailed restoration – something never foreseen when the car arrived supposedly ready to run. Words NIGEL BOOTHMAN Photos JONATHAN FLEETWOOD ‘What would we find under the paint?’Restoring a mystery Ferrari: the 1950 195S I bought it on the basis that it would be a nice, drivable thing,’ says owner Keith Neilson.
Epic Restoration How a carefully-chosen Lamborghini Miura went from rusty to revered
Hunting down a Lamborghini Miura ripe for restoration was about finding the best candidate, not the biggest wreck. That still left plenty for Iain Tyrrell’s team to do Words Nigel Boothman. Photos Jonathan Fleetwood. ‘It was bought as a project – and it hid plenty Filler-clad Miura rescued Epic RestorationIf you’ve bought a Ferrari Daytona from someone, and you can stay friends with them afterwards, that’s not a bad start to a working relationship.
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