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Clean bowled after a 36-month innings Focus ST
You may have noticed a bit of a theme with this series. It usually celebrates a car that was once good, great or merely interesting but which tended to hang around a bit too long, by which point customers become interested in something newer and shinier. That’s not the case with the just-axed Ford Focus ST. Recently departed performance title MOTOR gave the hot Ford hatch a runner-up position at this year’s Sports Car of the Year award.
Eight steps to buying a Ford Anglia 105/123E
Cult appeal means these are a safe place for your money – but prices are rising. Words RICHARD DREDGE Photography JOHN COLLEY Buying Guide  How to buy a Ford Anglia 105E/123E while avoiding Harry Potter hype Ever since a magic Anglia 105E flew across the screen in 2002’s Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Ford’s ‘baby Thunderbird’ has been transformed from charming old saloon to decent investment.
Buying Guide Ford Focus Mk1
Sharp looks and excellent dynamics combined to make the original Ford Focus the family car of choice for enthusiasts. It still impresses today, as long as you bag a good ‘un… A NEW EDGE Words: Chris Randall Photography: Jeff Ruggles BUYING GUIDE: FORD FOCUS MK1 All you need to know when shopping for the critically acclaimed first-generation model Eminently usable, fantastic to drive and cheap to buy, the first-generation Ford Focus is fast becoming a fine modern classic choice.
An unwanted Ford Fusion
It’s now 20 years since a new Ford made its debut in UK showrooms, but Sam Skelton isn’t about to break out the party hats. Iwant to start this column by apologising to everyone who has ever seen or experienced a Ford Fusion. It wasn’t my fault; I just think you are owed one, and nobody else is offering. It’s 20 years since this meretricious motor first crept into showrooms, and alarmingly only half that since its overdue demise.
Buying Guide Ford Thunderbird 2000-2005 XI (Retro Birds)
After 20 years, is this retro-styled T-Bird worthy of re-evaluation? As a Bond fan, whenever I see the retro-styled Ford Thunderbird I’m reminded of its fleeting appearance in Die Another Day. Driven by Bond’s CIA counterpart Jinx (Halle Berry), it fits the larger-than-life character and joyfully OTT film down to that last T. Yet, out in the real world, there’s something slightly surreal about it – especially in the UK.
Buyer’s Guide Ford Zephyr Six Mk1
Hugely important for Ford, the Mk1 was technologically advanced for its time. Here’s what to look for if you fancy a slice of 1950s motoring. ZEPHYR SIX MK1 1951-1957When it came to the design of the Ford Zephyr Six Mk1, the notion that bigger is better certainly shone through.
Reader’s restoration 1973 Ford Escort 1300GT Mk1
Reader’s restoration: When Kevin McDermid found this rare Mk1 Escort 1300GT he decided to be different... and restore it to factory standard condition. Words Mike Renaut Photos Adrian Brannan READER’S RESTORATION: 1973 Ford Escort 1300GT Mk1When Kevin McDermid found this rare Escort 1300GT he decided to be different... and restore it to factory standard condition.
Upgrade guide: Ford mk2 Zephyr/Zodiac
Fantastic Fifties styling and a great big engine bay mean the Mk2 has always been a popular choice for modders and rodders. MK2 ZEPHYR/ZODIAC IMPROVING YOUR CLASSIC FORD JUST GOT EASIER Upgrade guide: Ford mk2 Zephyr/Zodiac - Tuning tips for the 1950s Ford. UPGRADE GUIDE The big 1950s Fords have a strong following and it’s not surprising. They’re lovely, smooth cruising cars but they also have a touch of Americana about them.
Market Watch 1989 Ford Escort XR3i MkIV Cabriolet
In its day the fresh-air Ford XR3i MkIV was the best front-wheel-drive, mass-produced four-seater cabriolet in the world. Ford of Europe’s first convertible in 20 years arrived in 1983, when just 45 were registered in the UK, but by the late Eighties, production was running at 20,000 units a year. Although you could have it with fuel injection, the sportier XR3i version wouldn’t be available until the MkIV facelift of 1986.
Buyers Guide Ford Maverick
Capable new pick-up takes the Kuga platform and tops it with F150-inspired styling. Ford’s new Maverick expands the brand’s US and Canadian light-duty pick-up range to three. Slotting in below the bodyon- frame F-150 and Ranger, this unibody truck is built on the same platform as the Escape/Kuga SUV. Less thirsty than the often-huge alternatives, the four-door crew-cab Maverick won’t come to the UK, where Ford says it has buyers covered with the 20cm-longer Ranger. A 2.
1969-1986 Ford Capri
How Ford’s personally augured vehicle prospered in the Mustang’s shadow. Words: David Osborne. THE STORY OF FORD’S EVERYMAN COUPE Facts, figures and history on the car which brought the Mustang magic to Europe. FORD CAPRI (1969-1986) THE MARKETPLACE / THE CARS / THE BEGINNING To understand the significance of the Capri one must first appreciate the impact of the Mustang and the precedent it set within Ford.
1978 Ford Falcon XC Cobra
For much of its existence since 1978, the Ford Falcon XC Cobra has been something of an orphan, a side story in the rich tapestry of collectable Australian muscle cars. But that has changed over the last few years, with the Cobra becoming increasingly appreciated – as well as increasingly appreciating in market value.
Upgrade Guide Ford Cortina Mk3
Stylish and plentiful, the now-iconic Mk3 Ford Cortina has lots going for it. Here’s how to make it even better. IMPROVING YOUR CLASSIC FORD JUST GOT EASIER Ford MK3 CORTINA UPGRADE GUIDE: Mk3 Cortina Get more from your Cokebottle Cortina without ruining its classic appeal with our fivepage tuning guide. The shape of the Cortina throughout the years has always been a good reflection of the times in which they were made.
Buying Guide 2005-2011 Fords Focus ST225 DA3
Pound for pound the finest of all fast Fords, the Focus ST225 is a five-cylinder sledgehammer that’s as fun to drive daily as it is to blast around a track. And with prices getting lower, now’s the perfect time to buy a brilliant all-rounder.
Ford Cortina MkII
This stylish compact Ford is still a bargain, but top models are appreciating fast. Now's the time to buy - although some costly pitfalls await the uninformed. Words Richard Dredge. Photography John Colley. What to pay Ford Cortina MkII Basic roadworthy 1300s and 1500s cost £2500-£6250 Two-door shells are prized by those building Lotus replicas.1500GTs and 1600Es command £4500 in driver condition; mint cars will cost £8.5k-£11.
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