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Technology explained PSE
Switchable technology enables drivers to alter the noise from the modern 911’s exhaust. Here’s how… One of the most characterful elements of the 911 is the exhaust note. Whatever model you have, the soundtrack is a constant reminder of partly why we enjoy the cars so much. That sound comes via the exhaust system. While an exhaust’s job is mainly to vent combustion gases to the atmosphere, it has a secondary task: to control the sound, primarily to comply with noise regulations.
Technology explained – Porsche 911 Turbo, but what is the overboost function – and does it work?
We know it’s exclusive to the 911 Turbo, but what is the overboost function – and does it work? Extra performance is something we all may crave occasionally for our 911. Since 2004, Neunelfer Turbos have had this exact capability in the overboost feature. But what is it? To understand overboost, we need to consider the engine, because overboost is only possible on a turbocharged motor. The turbocharger supplies additional clean air, under pressure, into the engine to generate more power.
Sales debate - how does the GT3 market view the PDK-only Porsche 911 991.1?
Looking at the lineage of GT3 production, one model stands out: the 991.1 variant. Of all the iterations, the 991.1 is the only one that wasn’t available with a manual gearbox. Does that make a difference to how the market views it, compared to its peers? Philip Raby of Philip Raby Specialist Cars suggests that it doesn’t. “Most people are happy with the idea of PDK now, and accept it. There’s a good market for PDK GT3s, but if you really wanted a manual, you’d probably just buy a Gen2 version.
Technology explained - PDLS+ DrivesToday explains how Porsche Dynamic Lighting System Plus works on modern Neunelfers
While the dynamic performance of the 911 moved on at pace over the decades, one element that didn’t evolve to the same degree was the car’s lighting. Thankfully, the yellowing, dim halogen bulbs are a thing of the past. Today we have Porsche Dynamic Lighting System Plus (PDLS+). PDLS+ is an add-on to the lower-spec PDLS. That system works by constantly adjusting the range of the dipped beam of light depending on the car’s speed.
Technology explained Porsche PDK
Porsche Doppelkupplungsgetriebe has outsold them manual gearbox in 911s for the past 10 years… The use of automatic gearboxes in cars predates Porsche by almost 50 years – an unkind person might say that many automatic gearboxes drove like they did. Not so with Porsche’s Doppelkupplingsgetriebe, or PDK for short.
What the PASM?
With an engineering background and previous career in Formula One, performance driver coach Neil Furber reveals his blend of driving tips and vehicle technology explanations to help you get more from your rear-engined machine. Somewhat of a Stuttgart stalwart since the 997, PASM has long been a hot topic among customers who are new to the world of Porsche. Referring to its full name hints at what secrets lie within the acronym: Porsche Active Suspension Management.
991.1 GT3 engines Everything you need to know about Porsche’s GT-spec MA1 flat six
The 991.1 GT3 is a brilliant sports car when on song, but is its engine its weak point? Total 911 investigates… Written by Kieron Fennelly 991.1 GT3 engines - Why were they recalled, and why have they been revised? Our deep-dive reveals all The BURNING QUESTION of the 991.1 GT3 Schadenfreude – pleasure at the misfortune of others. Strangely, this human if rather reprehensible trait has no word to describe it in English and the language has to resort to a foreign word to convey the sense.
Sales debate - Is there too much heat in the Porsche 911 market currently?
Pay attention to the Porsche marketplace and you’ll have noticed a general inflation of prices for used 911s across the board, from collectibles at the very top, right the way down to the everyday 996 at the bottom. Whether this consumer confidence is boosted solely by a relaxing of year-long coronavirus restrictions remains to be seen, but there’s no doubting enthusiasts are happy to spend lavishly on acquiring 911s – perhaps best exemplified by the mammoth £7.
Porsche 911 991
A rolling showcase of fresh Porsche technology and a redevelopment of the 911 for a new generation, the 991 is available in a huge number of different engine, trim and body options... Words Dan Furr. Photography Petersen Automotive Museum. BUYING GUIDE: 991 Hints and tips for the hunt Last of the narrow bodies. Last of the naturally aspirated 911 Carreras. Return of the classic Targa hoop. These are just three of the 991's claims to fame.
Porsche 911 GT3 RS 991.1
It’s the most populous Porsche Rennsport of all time, and for good reason. Total 911 presents the full dossier on the 991.1 GT3 RS, with technical and market insights from specialists Written by Kieron Fennelly. Photography by Damian Blades. Porsche Index: 991.1 GT3 RS Your comprehensive guide to the most populous Porsche Rennsport of all time The Rennsport moniker was first applied to the 1973 Carrera 2.
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