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1990 Porsche 911 Turbo 964 also shows its principal creators, Paul Hensler and Friedrich Bezner
Dating from its launch in 1990, this shot of the 964 Turbo also shows its principal creators, Paul Hensler (left) and Friedrich Bezner. As 911 project manager, it was Friedrich’s idea of filling the gap left by the abandonment of the 969 with a 3.3 Turbo 964. Paul was readily supportive and oversaw the modifications to the 930 engine to ensure that it delivered a sufficient power margin over the 250ps 964 Carrera. Both career Porsche men, they arrived at the company from different backgrounds.
Design 911 opens new distribution centre in the Netherlands
For many British businesses, especially those trading overseas, the fallout from Brexit has been an administrative nightmare. “Trade with customers in the European Union presently accounts for approximately thirty percent of our turnover,” says Karl Chopra, founder of independent Porsche parts and accessories retailer, Design 911.  “Previously, we could fulfil orders for clients in mainland Europe within two or three days.
Buying car online? Look carefully at those photos
A photograph can tell a thousand stories, and this can be especially true at auction. Want to complain about that scratch you didn’t know was there? “Sorry Sir, it was clearly in the image on the internet...
Now we’re torquing! VarioRam variable induction explained.
Porsche’s patented VarioRam system is an ingenious way to alter geometry of the induction manifold according to engine needs under different operating conditions. Here’s how it works… Words Shane O’Donoghue Photography Adrian Brannan NOW WE’RE TORQUINGVarioRam is the name Porsche gave to its advanced variable intake system when the technology was first released in 1994.
Porsche 911 993’s historical journey is well known
The 993’s historical journey is well known. Peter Falk, the famed Porsche engineer, produced a Lastenheft in the late 1980s that found the incoming 993 would have to achieve new levels of agility and responsiveness – not to mention refinement – and so the new 911 was born with its multi-link rear axle and six-speed transmission, among other improvements.
Aerodynamicist and sage Norbert Singer recalls how every new Porsche boss was keen to make their mark as quickly as possible
Aerodynamicist and sage Norbert Singer recalls how every new Porsche boss was keen to make their mark as quickly as possible. When the ambitious Ulrich Bez returned to Porsche as head of engineering, changes were expected. And changes there were: Porsche’s limited motorsport budget would henceforth concentrate on F1.  From his vantage point at BMW, Ulrich had been impressed by Porsche’s collaboration with McLaren, which had resulted in two manufacturers’ and three drivers’ championships.
How and why are Porsche Carbon Ceramic Brakes fitted to high-performance 911s so effective?
Unveiled at the 1999 IAA show in Frankfurt, Porsche Carbon Ceramic Brakes – PCCBs for short – first appeared on the 996 model GT2 of 2001. This was the first production sports car to use the technology. Disc brakes may have been patented in 1902, but it took until the middle of that century for production cars to perfect the technology, including Porsche’s development of the ventilated disc brake, first used on the 906-8 Bergspider of 1965 and utilised on the 911S the following year.
Brexit still having an effect on the used Porsche marketplace?
Britain voted to leave the EU in 2016. Despite ongoing wrangling, the general consensus is that Brexit is indeed done. What impact has that decision and the many economic changes had on the 911 market? Sales debate“That’s an interesting topic,” says Jonathan Ostroff, sales manager at Hexagon Classics. “Brexit hasn’t affected the UK right-hand drive car values, as they were never very sought after by our EU partners (excepting Eire, Cyprus and Malta),” Jonathan rightly points out.
Making the most of it 1999 Porsche Boxster 986
‘A summer of excuses’, I predicted. And sure enough, at every opportunity I’ve enjoyed a blast in the Boxster – when I haven’t been using my BMW Convertible, that is.
Seams much better 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7
In my previous report, I noted my dismay at how much rot was exposed after the Carrera’s bodyshell was blasted and that I had given Steve Kerti the nod to start cutting out the gangrene and commence restorative surgery. My next visit to Dunkeswell, Devon, home of Classic Fabrications (classic-fabrications. com), provided an even greater shock. Much of my beloved RS was gone!
30th anniversary of the Porsche 911 was its first real landmark and the car was feted in Stuttgart
The 30th anniversary of the 911 was its first real landmark and the car was feted in Stuttgart with due ceremony. Its 25th had passed almost unnoticed, but given the uncertainty and managerial turmoil at Zuffenhausen in autumn 1988, few would have been in the mood. Total 911 recounts the story behind a famous picture from Porsche’s past… Five years on, however, the outlook was improving.
Technology explained Porsche PDK
Porsche Doppelkupplungsgetriebe has outsold them manual gearbox in 911s for the past 10 years… The use of automatic gearboxes in cars predates Porsche by almost 50 years – an unkind person might say that many automatic gearboxes drove like they did. Not so with Porsche’s Doppelkupplingsgetriebe, or PDK for short.
Sales debate - is demand for modified Porsche 911s high, or does originality rule?
There are seemingly endless models and factory options to choose from along the timeline of 911 production. Yet that variety only just begins on the dealer spec list. What of cars that have been altered over the years since they left the showroom? From rat rods to restomods, ‘Big Reds’ to RSR wings… you name it, someone will have done it over 50 years of fashions. Is there a market for a modified 911 today, or is originality best? Paragon sales manager Jamie Tyler says yes and no.
Man & Machine - Martyn Luke Starlight’ based on a 993-generation manual 1994 Porsche 911 Carrera 2
Lucky 13 This unique 911 backdate became one man’s lockdown obsession My name is Martyn Luke, and this is my 911 backdate, which is nicknamed ‘Starlight’. It’s based on a 993-generation manual 1994 Porsche 911 Carrera 2, and was built by a Yorkshire-based company called 911 Retroworks. It’s a bespoke build that they call a 993 GTR. I commissioned it in April 2021, during lockdown. It took 13 months to build, is the 13th 993 GTR built by the company, and was delivered on Friday 13 May!
Discover how Porsche Side Impact Protection was developed, and how it keeps you safe
Safety has always been a concern at Porsche, and throughout the 911 development various ideas have been introduced to keep occupants safe while maximising driver enjoyment. The three-part safety steering system and Targa roll bar are both examples of Porsche’s safety-derived developments, but legislation also has played a part, like the impact bumper. Technology explainedMore recently as crash protection laws developed, so did requirements for passenger safety.
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