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1936 Cord 810 Westchester

There’s a small handful of Cords in Britain but, with the notable exception of Andy Saunders’ recent custom project, you’ve probably never seen one outside a museum. Trevor Cowell is going to remedy that, because he’s just overhauled one and fully intends to use it, as Zack Stiling found out…

1936 Rolls-Royce 25/30 Sports Saloon

Brian Williams came late to the joys of Rolls-Royce ownership. Magnificently capturing the elegance of pre-war luxury motoring, this 25/30hp Sports Saloon has produced a convert with a mission.

The oldest surviving Jaguar - 1936 SS 2.5 Litre Saloon

Even in dirty, pale-yellow primer and shorn of wings, bonnet, grille and glass, you can admire the elegant lines of this sports saloon. The low roofline, the elliptical slot of a rear window and the hint of a gracefully long bonnet implied by the distance between the front door and front axle suggest a car whose lines would have been a cut above those of most cars on the roads back in 1936.

1936 Squire LWB by Ranalah

A true supercar of its day, the Squire was literally a schoolboy’s dream — and it was all over by the time its creator was 26 years old. Mark Dixon drives one of the seven cars that were made

1936 MG VA

The last known surviving pre-production MG VA is itself a rarity amongst the rare but Ian Burton is determined to experience and share its history

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