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1946 MG TC

Purely by chance, one man became obsessed with record-breaker Goldie Gardner. Then his MG TC came up for sale...

Modified 140bhp 1975 MG Midget

A background in competitive motorsport through the Seventies and Eighties means that Stuart Simons is a man with a need for speed; a need he has satisfied by building his dream MG Midget. Don’t be fooled by its diminutive appearance because Stuart’s MG packs an incredibly powerful punch.

1939 MG WA 2.6 Litre Drophead recreation

The ultimate pre-war MG wasn’t a sports car but an ultra-rare, long lost drophead coupe designed to entice Bentley customers. Peter Tomalin drives a stunning recreation.

1978 MGB GT

Gavin Edwards has his late father to thank for his love of MGs so he thanked him in the best way possible by building a B GT as a tribute.

1967 MG Magnette MkIV Farina

For some, one is never enough… even when you already own a stunning example of your favourite classic. When John Langford had the chance tos become the custodian of his second finned Magnette, he just couldn’t resist.

1955 Tojeiro-MG by Corsica

This Tojeiro-MG, the final car to emerge from thefabled Corsica coachworks, covered only 34 milesbefore 2003. Finally it is being driven as intended.

1996 MGF VVC

Early MGFs have surely become some of the most collectable, with prices beginning to rise. For MGF and TF specialist David Koskela, the first of MG Rover’s open top sports cars hits a sweet spot, particularly in red.

1982 MG Metro

After the demise of Abingdon and the MG sports cars, the Metro arrived amidst some controversy. It wasn’t a big hit with the purists but, today, Austin- Rover’s first hot hatch has quite a following…

1967 MGC GTS - Works rack-testing the brilliant ex-Sebring racer

The short-lived MGC suffered a poor reputation as a driver’s car. The racing GTS suggests it could have been so much greater, as Richard Meaden discovers

MG 1100/1300 at 60

MG’s first small saloon car celebrates a major milestone – we track down a stunning example to mark the occasion

1958 MG Magnette ZB Varitone

Ask most traditionalists what constitutes a great driving machine and they’ll tell you it has two doors, no roof and a big engine. That’s been the standardised formula for driving nirvana for nearly as long as the car itself. As owner’s priorities change, fun behind the wheel can often evaporate – but it doesn’t have to. A sports saloon not only keeps your pulse racing, but negates the need for a beady eye on the weather forecast or to leave family or friends behind.

1947 MG TC

When Geoff Browne’s father bought himself a well-used sports car, in 1956, it was the start of a family relationship that lasted over six decades.

1985 MG EX-E Concept a symbol of hope?

After the closure of Abingdon and the end of MGB and Midget production, the prospect of a new MG sports car seemed a distant dream but, at Frankfurt in 1985, Austin-Rover stole the show

1935-spec MG Midget R-type replica

This MG R-type replica is closer to the original than any of the ten built by MG in 1935. John Simister investigates

RBW’s all-new, all-electric, MGB-style roadster

Using a Heritage bodyshell, but little else from an MGB, how does RBW’s all-electric roadster stack up as a driver’s car?

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