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Market watch BMW Z4 M Roadster E85
Stylish, quick and exciting to drive, now is the ideal time to buy a Z4 M Roadster. Words: Guy Baker Fast approaching classic status, BMW’s eye-catching E85 Z4 M Roadster packs the brilliant S54B32 engine and provides top-down motoring thrills on a sensible budget. And if you buy the right car now, you could see your investment rise over the next few years.
Market Watch BMW Z4 M40i G29
BMW’s striking G29 Z4 M40i comfortably delivers M car performance with the reassurance of a manufacturer warranty. Words: Guy Baker Photography: Various. Market Watch BMW Z4 M40i G29MW’s G29 Z4 M40i is the nearest thing you can buy to a contemporary Z4M Roadster. And with M car performance, impressive handling, rakish good looks and a plush spec it delivers in all the key areas.
Buying Guide BMW Z4 E85/E86
This bargain roadster is a great sports car and a design icon – find a sorted example and in time it may even cover its own running costs. Words Richard Dredge. Photography John Colley. Five steps to buying a BMW Z4 E85/E86 Buying Guide Get yourself a big-performance BMW Z4 for small change What to pay Scruffy running four-cylinder Z4s can be found for £1500. Decent examples come in at £3000, with £4000 buying an excellent one. £3000 is the starting point for a nice non-M six-cylinder roadster.
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