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Ade’s BMW 323i E36/4
My E36 has been getting tons of use as ever, equal to that of my alleged ‘daily’ E34. It’s typically very reliable, but there was a recent hiccup, that being a burst CV joint while hundreds of miles from home in Birmingham. A known weak spot to most owners, and yes, I have exacerbated the issue of course with a Ade’s E36 323i welded diff, lots of lowering and some harsh drift action!
BMW 535d Saloon E60
Fast, frugal and affordable, BMW’s E60 535d is also easily tuned, but steer clear of unloved examples. Market WatchOur expert takes a look at theused market for the E60 535d. Words: Guy Baker Once the fastest accelerating diesel car in the world, BMW’s E60 535d was the definitive fast diesel saloon – and now, you can buy a good example for less than five grand.
Buying Guide BMW 740i E38
It was state of the art when it was new, and there’s still plenty of luxury to enjoy with one of the most beautifully-proportioned BMWs ever made. Words: Bob Harper Photos: Jason Dodd Buying Guide: E38 740iThe magnificent third-gen 7 Series offers luxury on a budget – here’s what to look for when shopping for one.
BMW E46 330i Saloon and Touring, 330Ci Coupé and Convertible
With enduring styling and a rewarding drive, BMW’s great-value E46 330i and 330Ci models are much admired, but avoid rough examples. Words: Guy Baker Some BMWs have stood the test of time better than others, like the well-proportioned E46 models, which are prominent on many enthusiasts’ ownership wish lists.
Buying and tuning guide 1985-1992 BMW 325i E30
The E30 3 Series is a true classic icon, one beloved by the BMW community, and the 325i is arguably the most desirable non-M model of the lot. Our guide will help you to get your hands on the perfect example of this fantastic retro machine. Words: Elizabeth de Latour Photos: Gregory Owain Buying and Tuning Guide: E30 325i Our in-depth guide will help you to buy the perfect-classic 3 Series. The E30 is an absolute classic, arguably the 3 Series that everyone wants.
2000 Jaguar XK8 4.0 X100 vs. rivals
It’s been a busy few weeks for Paul’s 2000 Jaguar XK8 4.0 X100 having been compared to not one or two but three rivals. Although the 18th century French philosopher and mathematician, the Marquis de Condorcet, once advised to, “Enjoy your own life without comparing it with that of another,” I still find pitching my XK8 against rivals from the same era to be a fascinating experience.
Market Watch BMW 8 Series E31
An alluring classic, BMW’s shark-nosed 840Ci coupé is great value, but we’d recommend you stick to the later 4.4-litre model. Words: Guy Baker MARKET WATCH Our expert takes a look at the used E31 8 Series market Instantly recognisable, BMW’s 1990s 8 Series grand tourer provides a hefty dose of elegance and panache, and if you find a well-fettled 4.4-litre 1996- on 840Ci, then you could enjoy years of dependable retro V8 motoring in an appreciating classic.
Bob is bamboozled by the ever-increasing weight and girth of BMW M’s finest
BMW M has certainly been enjoying itself during its 50th anniversary year, and the debut of machinery such as the M3 Touring and the M4 CSL have been some of the highlights. More recently, we’ve seen the world premiere of two further M cars, topping and tailing the range in the guise of the all-new XM and the perhaps rather more enticing M2.
£15K buys 2010-2014 BMW X6 40d xDrive M Sport E71
Big and bold, the X6 in xDrive 40d E71 guise is a real beast. But it will look after you whatever the situation Why not release your inner extrovert, with an E71 X6 xDrive 40d? Packing enough torque to rival an X6M E71 (despite possessing far superior fuel economy) most examples come laden with optional extras courtesy of wealthy original owners – so you can really indulge yourself – and you will never be caught short in terms of performance.
In this final issue, Bob mourns the demise of BMW Car
This is the end, beautiful friend…” so said Jim Morrison and The Doors all the way back in 1967. The song – The End – was, of course, part of the soundtrack to Apocalypse Now and while I’m not quite as unhinged as many of the film’s characters become I am deeply saddened that after 28-years BMW Car will be closing its pages for the very last time.
Buying car online? Look carefully at those photos
A photograph can tell a thousand stories, and this can be especially true at auction. Want to complain about that scratch you didn’t know was there? “Sorry Sir, it was clearly in the image on the internet...
1987 BMW M635CSi E24
Richard tell us that his M635CSi was manufactured at BMW’s Dingolfing plant on 18 May 1987 – number 421 of 524 right-hand drive M635 models. Reader’s Rides Interestingly, it was the penultimate pre-facelift UK-spec car to roll off the production line. Painted in Royal Blue Metallic with a Pearl Beige leather interior, it boasts factory-fitted air-conditioning, an electric sunroof, headlight washer system, electric seats, rear headrests, and a rear sunblind.
Market Watch BMW 650i Automatic V8 Sport Cabriolet E64
Potent and plush, you can now buy BMW’s alluring E64 650i V8 Sport Cabriolet for just £8,000. Words: Guy Baker Photography: Various Market WatchFast, gloriously smooth and understatedly glamorous, BMW’s E64 650i Sport Cabriolet is now a real bargain, with good examples changing hands for as little as £8,000.
1994 BMW M5 Touring E34 vs. 1975 BMW 2002 Turbo E20
Two compelling BMWs from very different eras – which makes the better classic buy? That’s the £65,000 question... Words: Guy Baker Photography: Hexagon Classics Classic BMWs are enjoying something of a renaissance at the moment, with cars built in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s most in demand.
Bob suggests that now is the time to invest in a BMW Zed car...
Maybe it’s my age, or perhaps it’s simply that I’ve been out in the sun for too long this summer but I have a severe hankering for a convertible. Normally I’d go for the most practical option which would see me behind the wheel of a 3 Series cabrio and having had a quick look at the classifieds it looks like there are some real bargains out there if you’re not to fussy about which generation you go for and which engine you’ve got under the bonnet.
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