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Modified 1995 Rover Mini Cooper

Sam Elliott ’s Mini was bought for him by his parents as a project to gain experience in classic car restoration and to learn to drive in. Six years later, the glamour of the show scene is this Mini’s destiny.

1994 Mini Trafalgar Coupé - Rover Mini receives a fastback rear in Japan

When Mr Ikeda, of Garage Minimum in Japan, came up with the idea of producing a ‘short-tail’ fastback Mini he had no idea that someone else had designed a similar concept back in the 1960s.

Modified 1983 Mini Van

Many clever, subtle mods for this cool Van.Mark Deakin has spent decades honing his impressive Mini-modifying skills. His Van is a stunning showcase for his experience, vision and attention to detail

1972 Holden HQ SS

A Belmont in flash trackies. Once the poorer brother to Monaro GTS Coupe; now rich pickings

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