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1,302cc A-series Black Mini Mk1

It’s all getting a bit Black Mirror down in the woods …brace yourself for dark deeds, it’s all getting a bit Black Mirror down there.

116bhp A-series Lockdown 1440 Mini Mk1 fibreglass bootlid

As the whole world locked down, Gaetano Palumbo got out in the garage and got busy…

Modified 1975 Mk3 Mini 1000

What sort of Mini does a contemporary car design professional love best? His first Mini, of course… but Paul Marsh had a clear idea of what looks good and what doesn’t when it came to building his own dream Mini.

Modified 1980 Mini Clubman Estate

Nick Klee loved tinkering with an array of cars, often fitting full-on ICE systems, but hadn’t engaged in a rebuild until a 1980 Clubman Estate came on his radar. “I didn’t go out looking for a Mini,” recalled Nick. Apparently, the owners were moving house and the Estate, which had been rotting on a driveway for two years, was surplus to requirements. For just £50 he became the new owner. “I started stripping it down and I was left with an awful lot of bodywork.”

Modified 1981 Mini Saloon - Brilliant rally-inspired revamp living in Malta

Ramon Montebello, from Malta, literally has ‘Monte’ in his name so a long-term obsession with the 1997 Monte Carlo rally Mini is no great surprise. It spurred him on to modify his Mini many years later.

1961 Austin Seven De-Luxe

Brian Birchall says that he likes all cars but Minis clearly hold a special place in his heart as he’s owned quite a few over the years. His latest Mini project is this fine, earlyMk1 but will it be the last one he restores?

Modified 1978 Mini Pick-up

Serial Mini owner and classic car connoisseur Paul Moran found this Pick-up decomposing quietly on a farm. He has brought it back to life with MG Metro power and a show-winning specification.

1963 Austin Mini Cooper

2023 marks the 60th anniversary of the Mini Cooper S – and this example is the oldest survivor. Mark Dixon tells the story of a Mini that has truly lived a life.

1991 Rover Mini Neon

With its diminutive dimensions placing a wheel at each corner, the Mini became the blueprint for all the best city cars to come – though its breadth of talent always extended far beyond the ring road

1965 Austin Mini Cooper 970S

The Mini Cooper 970S was created for 1000c production saloon racing, but this one enjoyed a rock star-studded life in the hands of Humble Pie guitar roadie, John Hammel.

260bhp 2001 Mini Cooper S R52

With its bright orange bodywork and interior overflowing with speakers, this R52 Cab is one show-stopping soft-top.

250bhp 2011 Mini Coupe Cooper S 1.6 R58

There’s nothing wrong with playing it safe, but sometimes it’s nice to go wild, and this R58 Coupé does exactly that.

1993 Marcos Heritage MkVI

It is incredible to think that the Mini Marcos was first launched in the mid-1960s, and its concept is slightly older if you factor in its inspiration the DART.

Modified 1968 Morris Mini Cooper S Mk2

Ian Corkill’s restored Mk2 Cooper S has a 1293cc engine with an Arden 8-port head that he has owned, on and off, since 1973.

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