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Martin Peryagh air-cooled inspired ‘Wickerdackel’ Typ 19 Volkswagen Golf Mk2
If you’re building a car to a certain theme, then if we had any advice it’s to choose a theme and stick to it! Well, Martin Peryagh certain did just that when building his air-cooled inspired ‘Wickerdackel’ Typ 19 Mk2 back in 2009. What a build! YEAR: 2009ISSUE: NOVEMBEROWNER: MARTIN PERYAGHWORDS: NEIL HUNTPHOTOS: JAMES LIPMANWhile the Mk2 world had gone mad for 1.
1997 Volkswagen Golf Mk3 Cabriolet VR6
West coast American photographer and friend of the mag, Mike Kippen, introduces his family’s latest VW project… a 1997 Volkswagen Golf Mk3 Cabby VR6. Let the games begin… 1997 Volkswagen Golf Mk3 Cabby VR6 It did not take long after getting my GTI on the road to realise that most of the events and drives would mean leaving my family behind – roll cage and race parts, it was not built for kid's seats or comfort.
150bhp tuned 2012 Volkswagen Caddy 1.6TDi
A Caddy that works for a living everyday of its life yet wouldn’t look out of place on any showground? Considerably more effort than it sounds? You betcha… Words: Jimbo Wallace. Photos: Matt Clifford. WORK IT There’s nothing like a bit of scratch and gouge to offend somebody who does bodywork for a living.
Old cars, like old bars, should be enjoyed while they last says John...
As Ted the Jack Russell and I were on our usual walk last night, we were about a hundred metres from the local social club when I was suddenly hit by the smell of an old bar. Despite having lived in this village for over twenty years and walking a dog past this spot just about every single day during that time, it was the first time I ever really noticed the smell.
Lotus Elite Type 75
The Luxury Lotuses. Once two of the most expensive four-cylinder cars in the world, the Type 75 and 76 were huge departures for Lotus in the 1970s. Today, however, both can be had for relatively little money, if you’re careful. Words: Jack Wood. Pictures: Adam Wilkins. Buyers’ Guide Lotus ELITE AND ECLAT The inside line on buying a great 1970s wedge without succumbing to any of the pitfalls. The shooting brake profile of the Lotus Elite Type 75 was new for Lotus.
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