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French fancy: the 1937 Lancia Ardennes

Lancia Ardennes a familiar Italian great, à la Française – made before Lancia’s own Aprilia.

180bhp 1937 Fiat Topolino Hot Rod - Plenty of surprises lurk under the skin...

This innocent-looking Fiat Topolino hides a big secret. Under the skin, it’s a full-on 180hp hot rod with a real Jekyll/Hyde character.

1937 Bentley 4¼ litre James Young DHC

Opportunity knocked when a coachbuilder invented cantilevered sliding doors.We drive one of seven Bentley 4. Parallel-Door DHCs to test the novel system.

1937 Alvis Speed 25 Lancefield

For art’s sake? In contrast to the cheerful, functional Alvis models of the Twenties, coachbuilders conjured striking grand routiers on Thirties Alvis chassis. None is sleeker than this unique Speed 25.

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