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1989-1999 BMW 8 Series E31

Want to feel ancient? Well, consider this. Temporally speaking, the launch of the E31 BMW 8 Series was closer to the first televised appearance of Elvis Presley than it is to today. But then the 8 Series is a car that has a rare ability to catch you off guard. Despite none finding customers during the ’80s, it’s viewed by many as a quintessentially ’80s BMW yet the technology that underpinned this car was anything but a throwback.

Fierce Clubsport build 2001 BMW M3 Coupe E46/2S

Rich Paice had always wanted an E46 M3, and when the opportunity came up to buy a Clubsport-spec build, he jumped on it and proceeded to give it an even more hardcore flavour.

1989 BMW 318is Coupe E30

Australian Andrew Burke is no stranger to the world of top-level modified BMWs, but his latest (and maybe final) build is the most insane of the lot.

Supercharged 600bhp 2001 BMW M5 Touring E39

If you want something done right, do it yourself, that’s how the saying goes, and that’s exactly what you need to do when you want a supercharged E39 M5 Touring...

The ultimate V8 430hp 2008 BMW M3 Coupe Manual E92

With its incredible high-revving V8, muscular looks and sublime chassis, the mighty E92 M3 is a force to be reckoned with and an M car for the ages.

300bhp powered retro rocket 1979 BMW 323i 2.9-litre M20 E21

Purchased to be turned into a classic tarmac rally car, this E21 323i was deemed too clean for that purpose and has instead been given a period-correct performance overhaul, and it’s now a snarling 2.9-litre M20-powered retro rocket.

Epic 410bhp show-stopping 2017 BMW M235i Coupe F22

With some serious flair, a stunning interior, and a healthy helping of performance upgrades, this slick M235i is a build that really delivers.

500whp Supercharged BMW Z4 M Roadster E85

The Z4 M Roadster was already a hardcore soft-top, but the owner of this supercharged example has taken things to the next level and built himself a full-on Clubsport-spec performance machine.

Famous Five - Iconic Group 5 BMW E21

If you haven’t yet heard of Qvick Motors, chances are you will soon as they are about to launch some seriously cool BMWs onto the classic racing scene. We went to Belgium to get a sneak preview of a pair of stunning Group 5 E21s… one of which is the original 1978 DRM-winning Schnitzer car.

Wide-body 1000whp BMW M2 Competition F87

From its incredible carbon wide-body to its mind-blowing interior and astonishing built S55 engine, everything about this M2 Competition is quite simply on another level, and it’s one of the most sensational cars we’ve ever seen.

Perfectly-modded 290bhp S50 3.0-litre engined BMW 330i Coupe E30

With its clean styling and super-subtle exterior additions, there’s no way you’d know this perfectly-modded E30 is hiding an S50 under its bonnet, and it’s transformed this classic Three into a serious driver’s car.

413whp Turbo Drift BMW 328Ci E46

This E46 drift build was meant to be a budget project, but it’s now turned into a fire-breathing 400whp turbo beast, and that budget’s gone up in smoke…

2009 BMW 535d Automatic E60

There had been quick diesels before the E60 535d made its debut, but none of them had the breadth and depth of ability of BMW’s twin-turbo executive bruiser.

Road test 2024 BMW XM G09

The first M-only SUV takes BMW’s performance division way out of its comfort zone.

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