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1941 Cadillac Convertible Coupe De Luxe

Peter Cornwell could have created his own impressive vintage car show with all the cars he had in his wedding fleet, but after retiring from the business and disposing of most of his fleet, one special pre-war Yank has stolen his heart…

Return of the long lost V12-powered 1941 Alfa-Romeo 12C Prototipo

From the ashes of war arose a unique Alfa Romeo V12 engine. Its survival in an equally mysterious body is a saga unknown until now, as Karl Ludvigsen reveals Photography Spalluto Press.

1941 Oldsmobile Series 98 sedan

Meet the 1941 Oldsmobile Series 98 Custom Cruiser, the most forward-thinking product of GM’s most technologically advanced brand.

1941 Alfa-Romeo 12C Prototipo

Alfa 12C a wartime mystery. After 80 years, a unique 1941 Alfa Romeo V12 racing prototype has emerged from oblivion. Born in the midst of the war, the story of the long-lost 12C Prototipo can now – finally – be told.

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