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BMW M3 E36, M3 E90 and M3 F80 M3 Saloon trio

Owning one BMW M3 would feel like an achievement, but James Daniel owns three M-badged saloons, each one special, each one modified, and each one awesome in its own right.

Dazzling carbon-covered 530bhp BMW M3 F80

Sharp styling, lashings of carbon fibre, air, killer wheels and a blistering 530hp make this stunning F80 M3 the perfect pick me up on such a winter’s day…

530bhp modified 2014 BMW M3 F80

It took a lot to entice Beth Halsey away from the VW and Audi show cars she was previously famed for building. We examine her F80 M3 and explore why modified examples are starting to make a lot of sense as the giant killers of choice

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