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260bhp Honda 2.4-litre engined Australian-delivered 1975 Ford Escort Mk1

There are a thousand recipes to build a Mk1 Escort for the modern era. All it takes is patience, determination, dedication, and a dare-to-be-different mindset. This is one enthusiast’s dream build come to life.

ST170 engined 1976 Ford Escort Van Mk2

What’s better than a Mk2 Escort van? A Mk2 Escort van that’s been brought back from the dead, fitted with an ST170 lump and set-up for fast-road heroics, that’s what!

1965 Lincoln Continental Limousine Mk4

US presidents are notorious for their fancy motorcades, a tradition that continues to this day with ‘The Beast’, a bulletproof Cadillac. Something a bit more classic however, and more suited to our tastes, is the 1965 Lincoln Continental Limousine on these pages, which hails from Lyndon B Johnson’s presidency…

On the hunt for criminals in Bodie & Doyle’s 1980 Ford Capri 3.0S

These Ford Capri 3.0Ss were the cars driven by Bodie and Doyle in a bunch of 1980-filmed episodes of cult TV show The Professionals. We drive both – cardboard boxes beware.

1976 Ford Capri 2.1 S Mk2 Bryan Piaskowski’s Replica

Restoring his dad’s Mk2 Capri in the garage at home, Bryan Piaskowski’s S replica is a period-perfect homage to altogether cooler times.

825bhp tuned 1986 Ford Sierra RS Cosworth

A Fast Ford icon just got better. We revisit the four-wheel drive three-door Cosworth, ELE, now boasting over 800bhp, WRC-inspired suspension and a 200mph ambition…

280bhp 2.0 ST170 engined 1989 Ford Orion 1600i Ghia Turbo

Will anyone save the increasingly obscure Orion? Don’t worry, Michael Deary’s on the case, and he’s brought a load of boost with him…

2024 Ford Ranger 2.0 Bi-Turbo XLT DC 4X4 10AT

With Ford South Africa planning to introduce the next batch of special-edition derivatives, the XLT is destined to remain the best-selling Ranger double cab in our market. How does this altogether less shouty model fare?

1940 Ford V8 ½-Ton Pickup

Designed, originally for life on the farm, Ford’s pickups have become a worldwide style icon, and the coolest of them all are the mid-century survivors.

Rare convertible 1983 Ford Fiesta XR2 Fly Mk1

Readers’ restoration: Lifelong Fiesta fan, Rob Colton always had the desire to one day own a rare convertible Ford Fiesta XR2 Fly Mk1. Tracking one down would be no easy task — and then the hard work really began.

1975 Ford Consul 2000L Decor

Ford Heritage: When Rod Tebble found this 1975 Ford Consul 2000L Decor sitting unused in a garage he didn’t expect it to be such an original and unmolested example…

Restomod 1959 Ford 300E

This Thames van project started out as a rotten shell with no interior or running gear. Over the course of nine years, it’s been raised from the ashes and reinvented in period restomod style.

200bhp 1993 Ford Sierra P100 pick-up gets the restomod treatment and BMW M47 2-litre engined

Most P100s were sent to the knacker’s yard years ago. Luckily, Gary York found this tidy example locally, but felt that it needed some Bavarian giddy up…

Puna-engined Ford Fiesta Mk4 meets kitted Fiesta Mk5

On the one hand, a turn-of-the-millennium tuner build; on the other, a Puma-swapped toy. Mike Julien’s taking a diverse approach to doing what Ford never did with the Mk4/Mk5 Fiesta platform.

Extremely green 275bhp Ford Fiesta Mk8 daily driver

Lean, mean, and very green, this Mk6 Fiesta might look a little sickly, but the only discharge you have to look out for might be some flames coming from the exhaust, courtesy of the turbo’d Honda K24 under the bonnet…

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