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Restomod 210bhp 2.9-litre 24-valve V6 Cosworth BOB engined 1982 Ford Capri Mk3

This restomod Capri is at once quintessentially British and wonderfully multicultural, shaking off the conventions of the scene to create something unique.

Restored 1977 Ford Fiesta 1300S Mk1 with Series X front and rear spoilers and wheelarch extensions

When Paul Edmondson bought this Fiesta 1300S new back in 1979, little did he know just how rare it would become, especially as it was dealer-fitted with Ford’s Series X goodies...

Bob McGee 1932 Ford Deuce Roadster HighBoy Hot Rod

Hot rod enthusiast Bruce Meyer owns eight of the world’s most desirable 1932 Ford Deuces’ — and the Bob McGee Roadster is a personal favourite. In this extract from his recent book, Ken Gross explains why it’s so significant.

1958 Edsel Bermuda

Famously unforgiven for its challenging looks, Ford’s much-ballyhooed Edsel now prompts an indulgent smile wherever it goes.

Ford Mustang II 1973-1978 - Monroe Handler

The Mustang II might be considered to be an anaemic pig-faced wretch of a car by some, but it’s amazing what a bit of aftermarket tweaking can achieve, especially if you’re aiming to inject some performance into it!

1963 Mercury Comet S-22

Lesley Weller never considered herself a car enthusiast, but a Mercury Comet she saw in a TV show made a deep impression on her 13-year-old mind. After years of dreaming, ownership is now a happy reality.

Frankie Klepadlo’s ’30 Ford Model A Five-Window Coupe

The “backstory” on just about every hot rod is where the real story lies. Frankie Klepadlo of SoCal is no different, as the real story on his ’30 Ford five-window coupe began years ago. Frankie’s ’30 Ford chopped and- channeled coupe has finally made the road after six years of painstaking effort. But the backstory tells us it began a long time before that. It’s best to hear this story from Frankie himself.

2023 Ford Mustang 5.0 GT California Special 10AT Fastback

There are few things quite as satisfying as the deep burble of a naturally aspirated V8. Enter the limited-run Ford Mustang California Special.

1976 Ford Prima Ghia Coupe

This compact concept was touted as a production car for the American market, but despite doing the car show rounds, it never saw production…

1995 Ford GT90

It was to be America’s first supercar. Ford had been designing vehicles based on its ‘Aero’ language since the 1980s: when the original Taurus saved the company from the increasingly confident – and better built – competition. By the mid-1990s, Aero was standard operating procedure at the Ford design department – if it “ain’t broke” …

1991 Ford Sierra 4x4 Ghia Estate

Reader’s restoration: This rare 1991 Ford Sierra Ghia 4x4 estate was saved by a father and son team who went through some bad luck and great luck in the process…

1977 Ford Granada 3.0-litre GL Automatic Estate Mk1

Ford Heritage: With his previous Mk1 Granada purchase proving to be a no-go, Trevor Hardy wasn’t taking any chances with this rare Estate, and luckily it’s proved to be even better than he hoped.

1965 Ford Lotus-Cortina

Alan Mann Racing was responsible for some of the most successful racing Lotus-Cortinas. Richard Meaden reunites this winning pair for the first time since 1966.

1964 Ford Lotus Cortina vs. 1962 Lotus Elan

The late racing maestro Jim Clark is still revered and adored by many – not least IndyCar legend Dario Franchitti. Here are his experiences of two very special ex-Clark Lotuses.

Honda F20C engined 1972 Ford Escort 1300XL Mk1

Barking with a cacophony of VTEC-inspired revs and with a bite to match, Chris McNair’s stunning Mk1 is a martial artform.

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