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Buyers Guide Jaguar XJ40
What you need to know to buy the best of this underrated family. WORDS: SAM SKELTON PHOTOGRAPHY: PAUL WALTON JAGUAR XJ40 BUYING GRAB A MODERN CLASSICHow to buy the best value classic Jaguar saloon. Earlier in this issue, Paul Guinness told the story of Jaguar’s short-lived window of privatisation under the Thatcher governments of the 1980s. A story which is best remembered through one model – the XJ40.
Living with the Jaguar XJ Series 3
V12 thirst aside, the last of the traditional XJs can be a surprisingly practical classic but don’t expect an easy ride. WORDS PAUL WAGER LIVING WITH THE SERIES 3 JAGUAR XJAn up-together Series 3 XJ can be a delightful prospect, but a down-at-heel example can quickly drain you of funds and enthusiasm. Here’s how to stay on the right side.
Jaguar XJ story
I have been reading JaguarWorld for a few years and thought I would offer my Jaguar story: I have been lucky enough to own three versions of the XJ range since 1999 and give my experiences/thoughts on all three. I first purchased a 1998 X308 (XJ8) LWB 4.0 Sovereign in Madeira with ivory leather when it was six months old, an ex-demo. In my view, this was the last of the great looking Jaguars, inside and out; it was a true limousine and drove smoothly with plenty of power.
Buying guide Jaguar XJ X350
The last of the traditional-looking XJs was surprisingly high-tech under the skin and makes a very practical modern classic. WORDS: PAUL WAGER JAGUAR XJ X350 The last of the traditional-looking XJs makes a very practical modern classic. It may have been the last of the traditional-looking Jaguars, but the significance of the ‘X350’ generation of XJ saloon both to the automotive industry in general and Jaguar in particular is hard to overstate.
1997 Jaguar XJ Sovereign 3.2 LWB Auto X300
Recent weather incidents have made the Sovereign an obvious choice for a seaside getaway. Of course it had to happen. My Range Rover’s air conditioning had to fail just before the most intense heat wave on record in Britain. And so once again I found myself using my Sovereign as daily transport. After all, you need aircon in weather like that. And that meant that when I needed a car for date night with my good lady, the Jaguar was at the front of the queue.
Market trends Jaguar XJ6 SI-SIII 1968-1987
Coventry’s game changer holds steady in the sub £20k market, having bounced back from a lockdown plateau. MARKET TRENDS JAGUAR XJ6 SI-SIII (1968-1987)The XJ6 galvanised Jaguar’s strategy for more than five decades – and while the full name plate may have died with the X350 series, it left a legacy of affordable three-box luxury for enthusiasts to enjoy.
1976 Jaguar XJ6 4.2 Coupe Automatic
When Roger Knight and his friend Jim Gleeson decided to enter the gruelling LeJog rally in a low-mileage XJ6 4.2 Coupe, they were diving in at the deep end with no previous experience. Words Rob Hawkins Photography Gregory Owain.
1986 Daimler Double-Six Series 3 - Mswati III, King of Eswatini
Supplied new to Africa’s youngest monarch in 1986, this low-mileage Double-Six Series 3 has a unique royal history. Words & Photography Craig Cheetham. History Fit for a king DAIMLER DOUBLE-SIX S3 The remarkable story of a recently repatriated Daimler Double-Six Series 3 that was previously owned by the King of Swaziland Daimler Double-Six Series 3 might not be the obvious choice of car for an 18-year-old, but then, the Crown Prince Makhosetive of Swaziland was no ordinary teenager.
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