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1993 BMW 850CSi E31

You can keep your rare Ferraris and Lamborghinis because if you really fancy a true one-off machine, you need an original owner with imagination and a little bit of help from BMW Individual.

1989-1999 BMW 8 Series E31

Want to feel ancient? Well, consider this. Temporally speaking, the launch of the E31 BMW 8 Series was closer to the first televised appearance of Elvis Presley than it is to today. But then the 8 Series is a car that has a rare ability to catch you off guard. Despite none finding customers during the ’80s, it’s viewed by many as a quintessentially ’80s BMW yet the technology that underpinned this car was anything but a throwback.

BMW 850Ci E31-based 1992 Koenig Specials KS8

The BMW E31 KS8 is a legendary machine, a modified rarity few people have ever seen with their own eyes. But a lucky group of friends unearthed one of these mythical beasts and brought it out of hibernation to share with the world. This is the story of their encounter with this incredible 8 Series E31.

1997 Aston Martin DB7 3.2 Auto vs 1997 BMW 840Ci Auto 4.4 E31

Which do we prefer out of this still popular pair of Nineties coupes – the traditional Aston Martin DB7 or the more modern BMW 840Ci E31? There’s only one way for us to find out…

1997 BMW 840Ci Sport Automatic E31

Not only has Archie Hendryx fulfilled a childhood dream by buying an E31 8 Series, but this incredible build goes far beyond anything he could ever have imagined back then, and it’s nothing short of a masterpiece.

Ex-Top Gear 1994 BMW 850Ci E31

This 1994 BMW 850Ci E31 is a former star of TV’s Top Gear, once raced by Richard Hammond, since rescued and reborn following an eight-year lay-up thanks to a dedicated BBC crew member.

Tesla-powered 392bhp 1996 BMW 840Ci E31

Electric cars are taking over, but what does that mean for the future of classic BMWs? This E31 8 Series presents one possibility – it has ditched its original petrol V8 for a Tesla electric powertrain.

Wide-body BMW 850Ci E31

With its incredible Pandem wide-body kit, custom livery and jaw-dropping air-ride stance, this old-school 8 Series is a show-stopping spectacle that’s simply off the scale

1993 BMW 850Ci E31

BMW created the 8 Series to take on the GT elite. It was a technical tour de force that redefined the exotic mileeater as we know it, but does it still stack up? We try an 850Ci to find out.

1992 BMW 850CSi E31

Woody and Buzz were breaking the box office back when this E31 850CSi rolled off the production line. Twenty-seven years later, the little-used period piece has a few tales to tell…

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