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3.2 BJS 24v VR6 engined 1992 Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk3

While VW really seems to have got its act together these days with its new-wave hot hatches, there are some — like Melis Julevic — who believe you still can’t beat the old-skool way. We tend to agree…

Turkish Blue 1992 Porsche 911 Carrera 4 964 restomod

It’s one of the most amazing backdates to grace these pages for a very long time, although you’d be hard-pressed to guess this eye-popping 911 started life as a 964 Carrera 4 Targa...

1992 Volkswagen Corrado VR6

By the late Eighties, performance-car magazines regularly persisted with rumours that Porsche was collaborating with VW with the intention of building a front-wheel-drive coupé. In reality, covert photographers had snapped the Herbert Schäfer-penned VW Corrado on test. It didn’t actually contain any Porsche parts, but it did mark a corporate sea-change. Given VW’s engineering origins there had always been moments of co-operation between the two companies, and as the Audi-engined Porsche 924 was dropped from Porsche showrooms in 1985, a gap opened up for a sub-Porsche über-VW coupé, something more sparkling than the dated Scirocco. Something a generation of yuppies weaned on Golf GTIs might move up to instead of the ubiquitous BMW E30 3 Series.

1992 Ferrari 512 TR vs. 1996 Ferrari 550 Maranello

They are two Ferraris at the turn of the last millennium, two grand tourers for an audience that can't do without twelve cylinders. And yet, they are so different! The Testarossa successor, the 512 TR, is a result of racing evolution, while the successor 550 Maranello follows in the lineage of the elegant 365 GTB/4 Daytona.

BMW 850Ci E31-based 1992 Koenig Specials KS8

The BMW E31 KS8 is a legendary machine, a modified rarity few people have ever seen with their own eyes. But a lucky group of friends unearthed one of these mythical beasts and brought it out of hibernation to share with the world. This is the story of their encounter with this incredible 8 Series E31.

1992 Jaguar XJR XJ40

The first saloon car to bear the XJR name might not have been supercharged, but that doesn’t stop it being a true sports saloon.

1992 Porsche 968

Porsche needed a car to hold the fort after the demise of the 944 and before the launch of the Boxster, which makes the 3-litre four-cylinder 968 a relatively rare beast — but here are two of them.

1992 BMW 525iX SE Automatic E34

This cherished E34 525iX has been owned by the same family since 1996. A perfect car to help us consider the significance of BMW’s first all-wheel drive 5 Series…

Ex-BTCC 1992 BMW 318iS Coupe E36/2

Few race cars are quite as loved as Tim Harvey’s 1992 BTCC 318iS E36/2. Today, the car lives on as a period-perfect racer in New Zealand…

1992 Daimler Double Six Series 3

Final flourish The XJ12 Series 3 remained in production for over two decades, only finishing in late 1992. We revisit the very last example on its 30th anniversary

1992 Mercedes-Benz 300CE-24 Cabriolet A124

The pre-facelift 124-series Cabriolet is a relatively rare model. In South Africa, a local collector offered us the keys to his top-condition 300CE-24 for a sunset drive on one of the most picturesque roads on the continent.

1986 BMW M5 E28 vs. 1992 BMW M5 3.8 E34

We got the rare opportunity to sample pristine examples of the E28 and E34 M5 back-to-back, and what an experience it was

1992 MCLaren F1

‘The original target had been for around 550bhp, but in its final form the astonishing BMW V12 made 627bhp

Jaguar wins GTP class, 24 Hours of Daytona, 1-2 February 1992

Jaguar may have pulled out of The World Sportscar Championship at the end of 1991 but it had one last season in endurance racing; the 1992 International Motor Sports Association’s GT series in the US. As with the WSC, Tom Walkinshaw Racing oversaw Jaguar’s IMSA entries and used a variety of cars for the 15-race series, including the V12-engined XJR-12 for the 24-hour events, plus the V6 turbo XJR-14 and its XJR-16 replacement for the others.

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