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1982 Ford Fiesta XR2 Mk1

As the go-faster Fiesta celebrates 40 years, we revisit the first of the breed.

1996 Ford Escort RS2000 4x4 Mk6

We sample a rare example of the performance Escort’s surprisingly well rounded swansong.

240bhp 1988 Ford Fiesta RS Turbo Mk3

Having already built three Fast Ford feature cars – including an award-winning cover star – Jamie Hurley is back with his latest build. And it’s another winner…

1970 Ford F100

Celebrated southern Californian builder ICON’s latest project sees a reimagined 1970 Ford pick-up join the company’s exclusive Reformer range.

1938 Ford Model 81A Deluxe

1938 Ford V8 Deluxe Sedan Don’t judge this book by its cover because it’s as solid, powerful and practical a car as anyone could own for relatively little money and is still going strong today, as Zack Stiling discovered...

1967 Ford Mustang Mach 2 Concept

Ford’s quest for Total Performance resulted in some very tasty automotive morsels being served up. None more so than the Mach 2, which looked like it could have been another star in Ford’s concept car constellation – had it ever seen production…

Three generations Ford GT and GT40

So good, they reinvented it not once, but twice. But how much of the DNA of the original Ford GT and GT40 survives in their 21st Century reinterpretations? Time to find out.

Truly unique 1921 Ford Model T

Australia has produced more than its fair share of great motoring journalists, and one of the greatest is Doug Blain who – like several of his compatriots – came over to the Old Country in the 1960s to show us how it should be done.

1965 OSI Ford Mustang

This ‘Made in Turin’ mustang with radical new bodywork was the pony that got away

1967 Shelby GT500

The GT500 took Carroll Shelby in a new direction. We drive a survivor to discover whether the Le Mans legend could build a luxury grand tourer.

1977 Ford Cortina 1.6L Mk3

The Mk3 Cortina dared to break the successful mould laid down by its predecessors, but was Ford’s risk rewarded?

1954 Mercury Monterey

Graduating from British metal to a full-sized Fifties Yank is a rite of passage for many rockabilly folk. Zack Stiling meets one young chap who’s done just that and uses his 67-year-old Mercury for a 20-mile round commute every day…

Tuned 145bhp 1979 Ford Escort 1600 Mk2

Inspired by his father’s Stardust Silver Mk1 Mexico, Charlie Pocknee’s matching Mk2 is a pristine fast-road screamer built to make memories

Cosworth YB-powered turbo 1974 Ford Capri 3.0S Mk2

With the help of his friends, classic Ford fan James Walden has put together a YB turbo-powered Mk2 Capri with a show car finish…

1966 Ford Ranger II Concept

From work on Hollywood sci-fi blockbusters to designing the tail-lights on the ’64 Falcon Futura, designer Syd Mead’s star turn was the Ranger II concept pick-up truck, as Richard Heseltine discovers…

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