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1907 Fiat 130HP Corsa

This monstrous Fiat 130HP was driven to victory by Felice Nazzaro in the 1907 French Grand Prix. Massimo Delbò dons his goggles and gathers his courage.

1930 Mercedes-Benz SSK Count Trossi W06

The streamlined Count Trossi W06 SSK is one of the most fabled of 1930s Mercedes-Benzes. Massimo Delbo delves into its fascinating history.

2024 Porsche Cayenne S E3

The third-generation Cayenne has been treated to a mid-life update. One of the most altered models is the Cayenne S, now powered by a thumping V8...

1961 AMC Mighty Mite M422

The AMC Mighty Mite was developed for US Marines to transport by helicopter. Massimo Delbo drives a tiny unsung hero of tactical warfare.

1967 Alfa Romeo Gran Sport Zagato Quattroruote

At first glance it’s a 1930s Alfa 6 roadster. But looks deceive. Massimo Delbo unravels a very special project from the. 1960s, built by Alfa Romeo and Zagato.

1950 Fiat 1100 E Cabriolet ‘Vistotal’ Castagna

This humble 1950 Fiat 1100 was coach-built by Castagna with a radical panoramic windscreen. Massimo Delbo enjoys a new perspective from the driving seat.

1934 Alfa Romeo Monoposto Tipo B P3

Having raced throughout Europe and in the Indianapolis 500, this Alfa Romeo P3 is still enjoying an active retirement, nearly 90 years on.

1952 Zanussi 1100 Sport

One man’s technical knowledge made the 1952 Zanussi 1100 Sport far more significant than the world would remember.

Across the USA 3000 miles coast-to-coast in a 1930 Lancia Type 227 Dilambda Cabriolet

Lancia across the USA — 3000 miles coast-to-coast in a 1930 Dilambda. What would you choose to drive nearly 3000 miles across the USA in two weeks? Massimo Delbò picked a 1930 Lancia Type 227 Dilambda Cabriolet – which wasn’t without issues…

1972 Ferrari 365 GTS/4 Daytona Spider

Fioravanti on the ultra-rare convertible. Few cars are as sexy as a Ferrari Daytona, even more so in Spider form. Massimo Delbò finds out why designer Leonardo Fioravanti was so surprised to see it go topless.

1920 Bugatti Type 13-27 two-seater Yankee

Bugatti’s origins were in this tin voiturette, small in stature but gigantic in ambition. Massimo Delbo takes a trip back in time.

Editor's comment
‘It was my first time driving a Bugatti Type 13, and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it since. So exhilarating, though it came at a price: after sliding it around on a dirt road, even though my head was covered by a leather helmet, I'm still finding mud in my ears' Legend of the Bugatti Brescia
Mercedes-Benz R107 at 50 - full story of the longest-lived of all SL roadsters

The Mercedes-Benz R107 is the longest-lived and most numerous of all the SL roadsters. Here's the full story behind its 50-year success. Words Massimo Delbo. Photography Marco Nagel/Mercedes-Benz.

1941 Oldsmobile Series 98 sedan

Meet the 1941 Oldsmobile Series 98 Custom Cruiser, the most forward-thinking product of GM’s most technologically advanced brand.

1979 Lamborghini Countach LP 400 S

As the Lamborghini Countach celebrates its 50th anniversary, Octane tracks down the star of one of the greatest petrolhead movies of all time

2022 ISO Rivolta GTZ - modern-day resurrection of the 1960s A3/C

Modern-day resurrection of the 1960s A3/C. Join Massimo Delbò for an exclusive first drive in the brand-new Iso Rivolta GTZ, a 660bhp, million-dollar sports car inspired by the Le Mans class-winning Bizzarrini A3/C of the ’60s

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