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ST170 engined 1976 Ford Escort Van Mk2

What’s better than a Mk2 Escort van? A Mk2 Escort van that’s been brought back from the dead, fitted with an ST170 lump and set-up for fast-road heroics, that’s what!

1976 Ford Capri 2.1 S Mk2 Bryan Piaskowski’s Replica

Restoring his dad’s Mk2 Capri in the garage at home, Bryan Piaskowski’s S replica is a period-perfect homage to altogether cooler times.

1976 TVR Taimar

Ex-RAF man John Purcell knows Britain’s quick jets inside-out – and his automotive tastes favour fast flag-fliers too. Will a 1976 TVR Taimar be his top gun?

1976 Aston Martin V8 Vantage Evolution upgraded 6.0-litre V8, fuel injection and modern 6-speed transmission

With its V8 now to six litres and featuring fuel injection plus a modern six-speed gearbox and beefed-up suspension, this 1976 AM V8 Saloon is a modern interpretation of an always popular classic Aston Martin.

1926 Rolls-Royce 20hp Saloon by Hooper vs. 1976 Silver Shadow

Though built 50 years apart, these two have something in common: both were make-or-break models for Rolls-Royce. We visit the man who owns them, and drive each car to see how the company’s unique qualities persisted across half a century.

1.8 20v turbo VF22 1976 Volkswagen Golf N Mk1

Serial Mk1 modifier, Stuart Shellard is back with a bang for his sixth PVW feature. With 1.8T power, Harris trim, air and those gorgeous E30 splits, he’s got the ingredients right once again but haven’t we seen this car somewhere before?

1976 Holden HX Sandman Van Manual

Panel vans are prosaic machines, best-suited for goods deliveries or carting the tools of a trade with a pair of doors and seating up front, window-less cargo area down back. Yet by Australia’s mid-1970s, packs of dollied-up, bright-hued panel vans had become cult cars from Bondi to the Back of Beyond. Ford, Holden and Chrysler all turned their hand to adding sporting pretensions stripes and fancy wheels and engine options to the humble van; a marketing, and styling, exercise to cash in on a young, and mainly male, fad for dressing up work vehicles for weekend leisure. Surfing and sex were the chief leisure activities facilitated by a fancy van out of work hours.

1976 Fiat 131 Abarth Stradale

As a young 18 year old my first car was a Mazda 1300. I had the big dream that my next car would be a Ford Falcon XY GT 351. My brother told me I was mad, you will kill yourself and so the search of an alternative ended up with the purchase of an Italian Lancia Beta Coupe. This is where my love of Fiats and Lancia’s came from, sharing a common twin cam motor and very easy to work on while offering enough performance and driving enjoyment.

Driving the manual 4-spd 1976 Daimler Double Six Coupe

We go back in time to sample a car you couldn’t officially buy but which could so easily have been built.

1976 Aston Martin V8 Vantage Prototype

If the V8 Vantage is the first British supercar, then this 1976 prototype is the origin of the species. We look at the history of the car before driving it ourselves.

1976 Ford Prima Ghia Coupe

This compact concept was touted as a production car for the American market, but despite doing the car show rounds, it never saw production…

1976 CMC A11 Checker Taxi

For decades, Checker Taxis defined New York streets. One enthusiast has coveted one since the age of 11 and fulfilled that dream.

1976 Tyrrell P34 memorable Formula 1 racecar

If the Formula One circus wasn’t already reeling from the shock of big-haired drivers sporting pork chop sideburns and man-medallions, nothing could prepare them for the arrival of the six-wheeled Tyrrell P34 in 1976

1976 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible

After a 25-year relationship, this Eldorado has definitely got under the skin of its owners and is a valued family member

1976 Pontiac Trans Am

Alan Sweet did such a great job rebuilding this 1976 Pontiac Trans Am that his friend Martin Bishop couldn’t resist buying it. Then when Martin sold it, guess who took it off his hands…? 1976 Pontiac Trans Am.

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