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Awesome 1972 Volkswagen Double Cab-commercial

When Wayne Murray bought this ’1972 Double Cab Pick-Up Bay as an unfinished project, he knew nothing of the headaches he’d face later on. Still, having spent the last eight years on a meticulous restoration, there’s no doubt it was worth all the grief

321bhp 1.8T 20V conversion Volkswagen Golf Mk3

The Mk3 Golf still gets a hard time when it comes to being the slightly tubby, ugly duckling of the family, but Jack Jones knows that fast is always cool

310bhp 2008 Volkswagen Scirocco Type 13 R bodykit SRS-Tec

Chris Porter had been meaning to take a little time out from the modifying scene. But this guy’s flow is relentless, and when a bagged Scirocco popped onto his radar, he just couldn’t stop himself…

2.8-litre VR6 engined Volkswagen Jetta Mk2

When it comes to stateside Dubbers, they don’t come any more OG than Ted Dorset. His blown VR Jetta is pretty damn legendary on the scene, too…

VR6-Swapped more-door 1983 Volkswagen Golf Mk1 Could this be the ultimate 190bhp Mk1 sleeper?

When the chance arose to feature Retro Barn Motor Co’s five-door, six-cylinder, 1983, 190bhp Mk1 Golf, we didn’t need to be asked twice…

Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport Mk8 vs. BMW 128ti F40, Hyundai i30 N, Renault Mégane RS300, Cupra Leon

Round 3 of our search to find the best hot hatch on sale sees the middleweights get in the ring. Which will go on to the finale: i30 N versus GTI Clubsport Mk8, Leon 300, Mégane RS or BMW 128ti F40?

Mid-engined 1200bhp JP Performance wide-body concept Volkswagen Golf Mk2

A project designed by Kyza and realised by JP Performance: We knew there’d be a buzz. Throw in some custom Rotiform rolling stock and an unveiling at Players Classic and the hype was off the scale. This Radical Mk2 is surely the collab drop of the season

246bhp 1.8 Turbo engined 1983 Volkswagen Golf Mk1

A mild-mannered shopper-spec hatchback, reimagined as a raucous retro hill-climber. Welcome to the frantic reality of Lee Walmsley’s Berg Cup Golf tribute…

2022 Volkswagen ID.4 GTX

An electric GTI? No. It’s a steadfast, stoic sort of car, not one that feels like it was designed with sheer driving pleasure near the top of its priorities.

1973 Volkswagen Type 3 1600L Squareback

Sometimes, buying another car rather than finishing the one you’re working on can pay dividends. Adam Boodle’s family Square is a case in point. Words and pics Jimbo Wallace.

2022 VW Golf GTI Mk8 vs. 2022 BMW 128ti F40

VW’s reborn icon challenges the car BMW said it would never build. The latest incarnation of VW’s hot-hatch icon is now sufficiently upmarket to take a swing at the 1 Series BMW once said it would never build. They’ve got a lot of front, this pair...

2100whp twin-VR6T Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk4

After 20 years exploring the ragged edges of mechanical fatigue and evolving engine technology, Bruce Morehouse’s 2100whp twin-VR6T GTI has the world’s fastest Volkswagens in its crosshair

3.2-litre R32 VR6 engined Volkswagen Golf Estate Mk5

Ryan Castleman’s Mk5 estate may be packing a world-first engine and drivetrain transplant, but this is more than just a power game. This guy wants it all

Fully refinished in RAL Pink 250bhp 2006 Volkswagen Golf GTi Mk5

It’s like Barbie has spent a heavy night in Wetherspoons, necked a few Jägerbombs, snogged some strangers and then got herself an ASBO and an STD whilst fighting over a Doner Kebab, only in Polo GTi form

1975 Volkswagen Golf 1.1 Mk1 Lofoten Green swallowtail

How do you top an immaculate, Florida blue series 1 VW Golf? For Richard Stringer, the answer lay in this uber-rare, 1975 Lofoten Green swallowtail

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