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1926 Rolls-Royce 20hp Saloon by Hooper vs. 1976 Silver Shadow

Though built 50 years apart, these two have something in common: both were make-or-break models for Rolls-Royce. We visit the man who owns them, and drive each car to see how the company’s unique qualities persisted across half a century.

HP Tuners 480bhp Volkswagen Golf R Mk7.5

HP Tuners have taken a stock Mk7.5 Golf R and — with a little help from its friends — have created their take on hot hatch heaven!

Euro look 1988 Volkswagen Polo Breadvan Mk2

After a complicated four-year restoration, you’d forgive Vitor Santos for locking this immaculate Polo breadvan away for special occasions. But where’s the fun in that?

1980 Volkswagen Jetta Mk1 gets 250bhp R32 transplant

Blending classic performance styling with modern muscle, JP van der Horst’s Jetta is a home-brew hot rod with the details to match the best in the business

Air Lift Performance 1991 Volkswagen Polo Breadvan Mk2F

Determined to preserve his Polo’s unusual utility fleet orange paint, automotive engineer Thomas Owczarski took an unconventional approach to the already challenging task of laying it low.

Home-built Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk5

Christian Gale’s show-stopping, home-built GTI returns to PVW with some hard-fought updates that put it back among the UK’s best.

2023 RennTech S76R - Mercedes-Benz S-Class W140 based restomod

Well over two years in development, the RennTech S76R is the most powerful naturally aspirated 140-series S-Class in existence. Mercedes-Benz Enthusiast spoke exclusively to its creators...

300bhp 1.8 20v AWP engined Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet Mk1

Small cabriolets often get tarnished with the same, lame image, but Brandon Quail’s Berg-Cup kitted 300bhp 1.8T example is far from your regular rag top!

Kamei-kitted Typ19 1985 Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk2 - period perfect 80s icon with a 2.8 VR6 twist

There are many different types of hero in this world; ones that leap off tall buildings in a single bound, those who fight off evil empires, and then ones that fight off ghosts and drive VWs in their spare time… like John Vanek.

ABF 2.0-litre engined 1985 Volkswagen Scirocco GL Mk2 Typ 53B

Having taken a gamble with a cheap project car, Bobby Mahi found a trusted pair of hands when it came to bringing this show winning Scirocco to life – he built it himself.

1935 Singer Nine Le Mans Special Speed

This Singer Le Mans once belonged to a tail-gunner from the intrepid wartime Dambusters mission. John Simister retraces its old Air Force haunts.

1954 Nash Metropolitan

The vision of a fridge boss, built in the UK, but aimed as USA’s ‘second car’

Super clean Canadian Rallye on centre-looks Volkswagen Golf G60 Mk2

Having found one of North America’s best-kept Golf Rallyes on his doorstep, Danny Delic has spent a decade tracking down the most obscure parts to bring it up to spec.

3.2-litre 250-bhp engined Volkswagen Vento A3 Mk3 Typ 1H

Building on a bedrock of ideas from his magazine-featured first car, Christian Drechsel opted for a more leftfield silhouette to bring his R32-powered plans to life.

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