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500bhp of turbo’d VR6 Volkswagen Golf Mk2 4Motion into a subtly re-worked

Cramming 500hp of turbo’d VR6 and 4Motion into a subtly re-worked Mk2 shell, Tim Dunn’s Golf might look like it’s picking the best of the Volkswagen parts bin – but it’s heavily inspired by something a little further afield.

770kg seam-welded 1980 Volkswagen Golf Mk1 with 206hp 16v motor

In the relentless pursuit of power-to-weight saving, Frank Wolkers set out his goal to build a sub-700kg Mk1 track car. Here’s how he did it.

21-window 1964 Volkswagen Bus T1 Samba to take his family on holidays to Cornwall

Dean Bunclark bought a ’1964 21-window Samba to take his family on holidays to Cornwall. He’s still making that journey, and in the same Split Bus, it’s just a little more enjoyable now.

1975 Volkswagen Passat 1.8T B1 and 1974 Passat V8 B1

With nine generations and 50 years on sale, the Passat has been a staple part of family life for millions of owners worldwide – but few have put that package through its paces quite as thoroughly as Rob and Hazel Carter.

Stunning Blackberry 2016 Volkswagen Multivan T6

There are so many converters out there that it’s almost impossible to choose one to build your dream van. For Anthony Craft, owner of this stunning Blackberry T6, that wasn’t a problem. He cut out the middleman and built it himself...

410bhp Mk7.5 Volkswagen Golf R Estate

Regular readers will be familiar with Neil Montgomery. His three-door caged and ICE’d Mk5 GTI is every inch the show car and took the cover slot for our September 2020 issue. For this build, he’s gone sensible. Sort of…

DTM-inspired Volkswagen Polo Mk4 with 241hp of 1.9 TDI-swapped performance on tap

Faced with a wrecked project car and no quick fix, Dawid Szejn channelled half a lifetime of motorsport influences into his daily driver – a DTM-inspired Volkswagen Polo Mk4 with 241hp of 1.9 TDI-swapped performance on tap.

3.2 BJS 24v VR6 engined 1992 Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk3

While VW really seems to have got its act together these days with its new-wave hot hatches, there are some — like Melis Julevic — who believe you still can’t beat the old-skool way. We tend to agree…

315hp home-built Volkswagen Golf Mk3 Euro-tourer

After a string of bad luck with cheap Mk3s, Luke Cartwright pulled out all the stops with the third in the line-up – a 315hp home-built Euro-tourer, built to be driven but with a finish to rival the best in the scene.

BBS RF 1.6 Litre 1978 Volkswagen Golf Mk1

While manufacturers are obsessed with making everything electric these days, most enthusiasts seem more set than ever on keeping the gasoline dream alive.

Full Rocket Bunny body kit 2.0 16-valve petrol ABF-engined Volkswagen Golf Mk2

The third round of the Meguiar’s Tom vs Dale build-offs might sound like an old-school Ford vs Volkswagen grudge match but, with two of the UK’s most creative modifying brains on the case, that rivalry has never looked fresher…

Stuart Wood’s 2017 Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk7.5 is a 400bhp track weapon

Combining an aviation-grade approach to engineering and two decades of global influences, Stuart Wood’s Mk7.5 GTI is a 400hp track weapon that can cut it with New Zealand’s best showcars.

500bhp 2002 Volkswagen Golf R32 Mk4

While Volkswagen was celebrating 20 years of R-badged Golfs with the most powerful version to date, Jay Turner was putting the finishing touches to a 500bhp overhaul of the original model accompanied by a unique Group B soundtrack.

1926 Rolls-Royce 20hp Saloon by Hooper vs. 1976 Silver Shadow

Though built 50 years apart, these two have something in common: both were make-or-break models for Rolls-Royce. We visit the man who owns them, and drive each car to see how the company’s unique qualities persisted across half a century.

HP Tuners 480bhp Volkswagen Golf R Mk7.5

HP Tuners have taken a stock Mk7.5 Golf R and — with a little help from its friends — have created their take on hot hatch heaven!

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